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What is a hat for?
What boat is the smartest?
The scholar ship!
The more you take the more you leave behind - what is it?
What gets bigger in the summer but never grows fruit?
The temperature!
What's the catchiest thing in baseball?
The gloves1
Where do dogs love to hang out?
In the barking lot!
What letter asks too many questions?
Which dog is the most boring?
The poo-dull!
What did the gloomy skier say when he got off the lift?
"It's all downhill from here!"
Why did the boy who failed history understand it the best?
Because he had to keep repeating it!
Why did th coach have to go to the bank before the big game?
To get his quarter back!
What puzzle is the most dangerous to handle?
The jig saw!
What kind of plants to math teachers plant?
One with square roots!
What table has no legs?
The times tables!
What soda do frogs like best?
Cheery croak!
Name one thing you can never tell anyone about without making it disappear?
Who invented the fraction?
Henry the Eight!
What flowers have the longest memories?

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