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CISM 3330 TEST #2


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Mobile Portals
accessible from mobile devices
A collection of integrated and related tables
Enterprise Network
An orgs interconnected network of multi Lans And Wans
is info that is contextual relevant and actionable
Network Operating System
manages the server and routes and manages comms on the network
Explicit Knowledge
deals with more objective, rational, and technical knowledge
Collection of related data fields
Tacit Knowledge
is the cumulative store of subjective or experiential learning
Affinity Portals
support communities such as a hobby group or a political party
connects intranets of diff. orgs. and allows for secure comms over a VPN
Query By Example, a grid or template that a user fills out to construct a sample
advanced network apps such as remote medical diagnosis, digital librarires, distance edu, online sims
a network designed to server the internal info needs of a single org.
a method for analyzing and reducing a relational database to its most streamlined form
person,place, or event
Primary Key
A field that uniquely identifies that record
Name, number, or characters that describe an aspect of a business object or activity
high-speed network desgined to support the academic internet 2 and NGI
Packet Switching
taking text and turning into packets
experimental project by US Depart of Defense in 1969, share data, exchange messages, transfer files
Data Isolation
applications cannot access data associated with other apps
Next Gen Internet
govt sponsored create an internet that is fast, always on, everywhere, natural, intelligent, easy and trusted
a global WAN that connects approx. 1 million internal organizational computer netwworks in more than 200 countries
Corp. Portals
offeer a personalized single point of access through a web browser
structured query language, most popular query language
Value-added Network
private, data only networks managed by outside third-parites that provide these networks to multiple orgs
a Web-based, personalized gateway to info and knowldege that provides relevant info from different IT systems and the internet using advanced serach and indexing techniques
Database Management System
Solves issues created by traditional file system. Gives security, integrity, and independence.
World Wide Web
a system of universially accepted standards for storing, retrieving, formatting and displaying info via a client/server architecture and a graphical user interface
private networks that run on the internet but are open only to users who belong to the network
Knowledge Management
A process that helps organizations manipulate important knowledge that is part of the orgs. memory
Data Warehouse
a repository of historical data organized by subject to support decision makers in the org
Collection of related records
Data Mart
s small warehouse, designed for the end-user needs in a strategic business unit
Industry wide Portals
for entire industries

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