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Study guide for Semester Exam


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copy deck
guide words in memos
Business Technology Essentials
summary of training, background, and qualifications for a job
mail merge
process of combining information from two documents to produce personalized documents
paragraph headings
minor subdivisions of a report
special characters
unusual characters that are not available on the regular keyboard
section located on first page of newsletter giving name of newsletter, name of organization, and logo
last line of a paragraph that is carried forward to the top of the next page
list of topics to be discussed at a meeting or formal program of a meeting
Business Letter
letter on behalf of business, represents a business
reference initials
initials of typist
copy notation
when you send a copy of a letter to someone in addition to addressee
name of the author of a report typed a double space below the title
minutes of meeting
official record of what happened at a meeting
to show if an item is stapled or clipped to letter or memo
grid of rows and columns that intersect
best way to communicate a variety of information to a wide range of people
written messages sent from one person to another in the same organization or business
horizontal positioning of text (left, center, right, justify)
use to display items in a list
clip art
graghic image that can be inserted into documents
the intersection of a row and column in a table
page orientations
portrait and landscape
block letter
all parts of letter begin at left margin
indented paragraphs
0.5 inch
opening greeting of a letter, such as Dear Mrs. Jones
word wrap
automatic wrapping of text from the end of one line to the beginning of the next line
delivery notation
when a letter is being sent by a special method
repetitive information or text that is repeated at the top of each page of a document
proofreaders' marks
used to indicate changes and corrections in a document that is being revised
form letter
letter typed only once but can be sent to many people
wrapping text
wrap text around boxes or graphics or have text appear above, below, or beside
text/word art
enables you to curve, distort, and twist text into a variety of shapes and sizes
company stationery
title page
first page of report, gives title, name of writer, name of person whom report is prepared, date
to show that an item is enclosed with a letter or memo
page numbering
software command that automatically numbers the pages of a document
desk top publishing
process of using special word processing features to make your documents fun and visually appealing
a predefined document format
give credit to sources of information in reports, include name of author, title of book, publisher, place/year of publication, and page number
frames around text or pages
modified block letter
date and closing lines in a letter begin at the centerpoint of the writing line
side headings
used to break a report into specific sections
Personal Business Letter
letter from an individual to a business
options to call attention to text by adding color
set to type characters of a particular design and size
home row keys
a s d f j k l ;
tab stop
set position that enables you to quickly move the insertion point to that position
drop cap
large first letter that drops below the regular text
additional message in paragraph form at the end of a letter

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