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Lab Format Sheet


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Conclusion 3rd P
2nd Paragraph - Summary of data analysis,
Before begin writing up
Identify IV and DV IV = what is being changed DV = what is being measured
Data Analysis
Chart: Title Chart and axis, IV on X-Axis, DV on Y Axis, Use appropriae chart, line or bar
Data Table
All tables and Charts
Conclusion 2ndP
2nd Paragraph - Summary of data analysis,
While writing Lab Sheet
Use the third person, no I, me, you, or our
Works Consulted
Cite any souces used.
Write a statement about what is expected to happen in the experiment. ( Follow format below.) If ___ (IV-What is being changed) Then ____(DV What is being measured)
Conclusion 1stP
Answer the problem. Restate the hypothises. State whether data did/did not support hypothises.
Write a paragraph of backround information obtained from reasearch
Experimental Plan
Materials, list all supplies needed to conduct experiment Procedure: List in numbered steps
write a question the expiriment will answer include IV and DV
Conclusion 4thP
4th paragraph: Discuss real-life applications.

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