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Management Information System title


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A method of storing data in a relational database. Tables contain data for one entity or object. The columns represent attributes, and data for each item is stored in a single row. Each table must have a primary key.
The simplest of the four basic data types, it also includes numbers. In its most basic form, text is made up of individual characters, which are stored in the computer as numbers. More sophisticated text is described by its typeface, font size, color, and orientation (rotation).
Tactical decisions
Tactical decisions typically involve time frames of less than a year. They usually result in making relatively major changes to operations but staying within the existing structure of the organization. MIS support consists of databases, networks, integration, decision support systems, and expert systems.
Triggered rule
In an expert system, if a rule is used in an application, it is said to have been triggered or fired.
Transaction-processing system
Transactions are exchanges between two parties. Transaction-processing systems record and collect this data for the organization. This data form the foundation for all other information system capabilities. MIS support typically consists of databases, communication networks, and security controls.
Total quality management (TQM)
A management doctrine that states that quality must be built into every process and item. Every step and each person must be dedicated to producing quality products and services.
A method supported on the Internet that enables users of one computer to log on to a different computer. Once logged on to the new system, the user is treated as any other user on the system.
Approximately 1 trillion bytes of data. Technically, it is 2 to the 40th power.
Transborder data flow (TBDF)
The transfer of data across national boundaries. Some countries place restrictions on the transfer of data, especially data that relates to citizens (and of course, data related to "national security.") Some people have discussed taxing the flow of data.
Top-down development
A approach to designing and building systems that begins with an analysis of the entire company and works down to increasing detail. A complete top-down approach is usually impossible because it takes too long to analyze everything. See also Bottom-up development.
Token Ring
A communications protocol that describes when each machine can send messages. A machine can only transmit when it receives a special message called a token. When the message is finished or a time limit is reached, the token is passed to the next machine.

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