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Computer Information Systems


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Font Size
The height of a character measured in points, with each point being 1/72 inch.
Database Management System (DBMS)
To organize, manage, and retrieve data. DBMS programs have five subsystems: DBMS engine, data definition, data manipulation, applications generation, and data administration. An example of a database management system is Microsoft Access.
Each column of information within a record is called a field. A field contains related information on a specific item like employee names within a company department.
Features that change the appearance of a document like font, font sizes, character effects, alignment, and bulleted and numbered lists.
Text Entry
In a worksheet or spreadsheet, a text entry is typically used to identify or label information entered into a cell as opposed to numbers and formulas. Also known as labels.
Within a network database, pointers a additional connections between parent nodes and child nodes. Thus, a node may be reached through more than one path and can be traced down through different branches.
A rectangular grid of rows and columns.
Bar located typically below the menu bar containing icons or graphical representations for commonly used commands.
Specialized Suite
Programs that focus on specialized applications such as graphics suites or financial planning suites.
New feature of Microsoft Office 2003 that simplifies the process of making selections form a list of alternatives by replacing dialog boxes with visual presentations of results.
Numeric Entry
In a worksheet or spreadsheet; typically used to identify numbers or formulas.
Utility Suite
A program that combines several utilities in one package to improve system performance. McAfee Office and Norton System Works are examples.
Productivity Suite
Also known as business suites; contain professional-grade applicatoin programs, including word processing, spreadsheets, and more. A good example is Microsoft Office.
A PowerPoint presentation is made up of many slides shown in different views and presentation styles.
Tool that rearranges a table's records numerically or alphabetically according to a selected field.
Electronic forms reflecting the contents of one record or table. Primarily used to enter new records or make changes to existing records.
Features that modify a document such as using a thesaurus, find and replace, or spell check.
Find and Replace
An editing tool that finds a selected word or phrase and replaces it with another.
Home Suite
Also known as personal suites. Contain personal software applications or programs intended for home use like Microsoft Works Suite.
Analytical Graph
Form of graphics used to put numeric data into objects that are easier to analyze, such as bar charts, line graphs, and pie charts.
A rectangular area containing a document or message.
Basic Application
Applications used for doing common tasks, such as browsers and word processors, spreadsheets, databases, management systems, and presentation graphics. Also known as productivity applications.
System Software
"Background" software tha enables the application software to interact with the computer. System software consistes of the operating system, utilities, device drivers, and language translators. It works with application software to handle the majority of technical details.
A question or request for specific data contained in a database. Used to analyze data.
Dialog Box
Provides additional information and request user input.
AutoContent Wizard
This Microsoft wizard steps you through the process of creating a PowerPoint presentation.
Speech Recognition
The ability to accept voice input to select menu options, and to dictate text.
A special area you can click to make links that "navigate" through a presentation.
Can be lists of fields in a table or selected fields based on a query. Typical database reports include sales summaries, phone lists, and mailing labels.
Specialized Application
Programs that are narrowly focused on specific disciplines and occupations. Some of the best known are multimedia, Web authoring, graphics, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.
Workbook File
Contains one or more related worksheets or spreadsheets.
Software Suite
Individual application programs that are sold together as a group.
Character Effect
Change appearance of font characters by using bold, italic, shadow, and colors.
A collection of related information, like employee names, addresses, and phone numbers. It is organized so that a computer program can quickly select the desired pieces of information and display them for you.
Bulleted List
The sequence of topics arranged on a page and organized by bullets.
A built-in formula in a spreadsheet that performs calculations automatically.
Master Slide
A special slide that does not appear in a presentation but controls all the formats and placement of all slides in a presentaion. The design template can be changed for an entire presentaion using a master slide.
Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Special screen that allows software commands to be issued through the use of graphic symbos (icons) or pull-down menus.
If you change one or more numbers in your spreadsheet, all related formulas will automatically recalculate and charts will be recreated.
Design Template
Provides professionally selected combinations of color schemes, slide layouts, and special effects for presentation graphics.
Computer-produced spreadsheet based on the traditional accounting worksheet that has rows and columns used to present and analyze data.
What-if Analysis
Spreadsheet feature in which chnaging one or more numbers results in the automatic recalculation of all related formulas.
Integrated Package
A single program providing functionality of a collection of programs but not as extensive as a specialized program like Microsoft Word. Popular with home users who are willing to sacrifice some advanced teatures for lower cost and simplicity.
Database Manager
Software package used to set up, or structure a database such as an inventory list of supplies. It also provides tools to edit, enter, and retrieve data from the database.
Word Processor
The computer and the program allow you to create, edit, save, and print documents composed of text.
Contextual Tab
New feature of Microsoft Office 2003 that appears automatically when needed.
Computer Trainer
Computer professional who provides classes to instruct users.
Spelling Checker
Program used with a word processor to check the spelling of typed text against an electronic dictionary.
Using Microsoft Excel, for example, a vertical block of cells one cell wide all the way down the worksheet.
Business Suite
Also known as productivity suuites; contain professional-grade application programs, including word processing, spreadsheets, and more. A good example is Microsoft Office.
Each row of information in a database is a record. Each record contains fields of data about some specific item, like employee name, address, phone and so forth. A record represents a collection of attributes describing an entity.
A horizontal block of cells one cell high all the way across the worksheet.
The list of records in a database. Tables make up the basic structure of a database. Their columns display field data and their rows display recods.
Also known as a spreadsheet, or sheet; a rectangular grid of rows and columns used in programs like Excel.
New feature of Microsoft Office 2003 that replaces menus and toolbars by organizing commonly used commands into a set of tabs.
Graphic objects on the desktop used to represent programs and other files.
Provides structure to a worksheet by describing the contents of the rows and columns.
User Interface
Means by which users interact with application programs and hardware. A window is displayed with information for the user to enter or choose, and that is how users communicate with the program.
Any kind of text material.
Home Software
A single program providing functionality of a collection of programs but not as extensive as a specialized program like Microsoft Word. Popular with home users who are willing to sacrifice some advanced features for lower cost and simplicity.
Also known as typeface, is a set of characters with a specific design.
Application Software
Software that can perform useful work, such as word processing, cost estimating, or accounting tasks. The user primarily interacts with application software.
Word Wrap
Feature of word processing that automatically moves the cursor from the end of one line to the beginning of the next.
Numbered List
Sequence of steps or topics on a page organized by numbers.
Displaying numerical data in a worksheet as a pie chart or a bar chart, making it easier to understand.
List of commands.
Relational Database
A widely used database structure in which data is organized into related tables. Each table is made up of rows called records and columns called fields. Each record contains fields of data about a specific item.
The space created by the intersection of a veritcal column and a horizontal row within a worksheet in a program like Microsoft Excel. A cell can contain text or numeric entries.
Instructions for calculations in a spreadsheet. It is an equation that performs calculations on the data contained within the cells in a worksheet or spreadsheet.
Presentaion Graphics
Graphics used to combine a variety of visual objects to create attractive and interesting presentations.
Menu Bar
Menus are displayed in a menu bar at the top of the screen.
Grammar Checker
In word processing, a tool that identifies poorly worded sentences and incorrect grammar.

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