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Bar graph
one type of graph developed from spreadsheet data that uses parallel bars to compare data and changes in data over time
Active Cell
the thick-bordered cell where you can enter numbers or formulas in a spreadsheet.
an application that can be used to do calculations, analyze and present data. it includes tools for organizing, managing, sorting and retrieving data and testing "what if" statements. it has a chart feature that displays numerical data as a graph.
a feature of a chart, on which you can plot numbers. the horizontal line is called the X-axis, and the vertical line is called he Y-axis
columns and rows of cells that can be filled with text taht are used to organize information
the term given to the words entered on a spreadsheet usually naming a column
Circle graph
a picture showing the relationship of two or more sets of data using a circler.
Entry bar
the field where information is entered in a spreadsheet
a way to present information from a spreadsheet in the form of graphs and tables
the term for a number in a spreadsheet that can be added, subtracteded, multiplied or divided.
Line graph
a graph used to display trends and compare data
the space at the intersection of a row and column in a spreadsheet
the working of mathematical equations. Formulas that are usually used in spreadsheets allow the computer to automatically perform calculations
pictures used to create a bar graph chart
the horizontal divisions in a spreadsheet named with a number
the vertical divisions in a spreadsheet that are named with an alphabetical letter
Pie graph
circle graph divided into pieces that look like portions of a pie
a picture shows the relationship of one or more sets of numbers to each other. some graph types are line, bar, area, and pie grapshs

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