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(computers)access pr.1---> multiple choice ONLY


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Redundancy cuases several problems, including all of the following except...
A primary key cannot be assigned
To create a form,select the table for the form in the Database Window, click the New Object button arrow on the toolbar, then click... in the list that appears
To open a saved query, click the Queries object on the objects bar, right click the query, and then click...
A field with a(n)... data type can store a unique sequential number that access assigns to a record and incremrents by 1 as each new record is added
in access a databse consists of a collection of...
To remove the last record in the table,click the... Navigation Button
last record
A field with a(n) data type can store numeric data that can be used in mathmatical calculations
Designing a database to omit... will help to produce good and valid database designs place
To activate access help system, use the ... box on the menu bar, click the Microsoft access help button on toolbar, or click help on the menu bar
Type a question for help
To remove a record from a table, select the record and then press the... key(s)
When a table is represented as a collection of rows and columbs, then the table is displaying in ... view
To move from form view to Datasheet view, click the View button arrow on the Form view Toolbar and then click... nin the list that displays
Datasheet view
If the value 1395.5 is enterd in a field that has been defined as currency data type, such as the amout paid field,then the value will display as...
To print a repirt from the database window, click reports on the objects bar in the database windows to display the report, right-click the report, and then click... on the shortcut menu
access is a...
file managment system
Press the ... key to move from the upper pane, where feilds are defined, to the lower pane,where feild properties are defines, in the Table Window
To use the Simply Query Wizard to create a query, select the table for query in the database window, click the ... button arrow on the toolbar, and then click query in the list that displays
New object
... Diplays a single record time
Table names can be no more than 64 characters in length and can contain...
letters,number,and spaces
If a width is not assighned to a text field, Access assumes the width is...
To change to landscape orientation to a print table, right-click the report in the Print Preview window and then click the... button on the Print Preview toolbar
Normalizing is a special technique for identifying and eliminating...
describes a collection of data organized in a manner that allows access, retrieval, and use of that data.
Field names can be a maximum of... characters in length
A feild that uniquely identifies a particular record in a table is call a ... key

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