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Word Lesson 15

Creating Forms & Working with Web Documents


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default entry
You can specify a _______ _______ with text that is the most common response, eliminating the need for the user to key an entry.
You cannot cut, copy, or paste form fields.
check box
You can use the _______ _______ next to an independent option that is to be selected or cleared.
A _______ form field restricts available choices to those you create.
Form Field Shading, Forms
If you do not want the form fields shaded, click the _______ button on the _______ toolbar to turn off the option.
Form Field Options
To modify a form field, click the _______ button on the Forms toolbar.
If a form field is formatted for uppercase text, the text will be formatted automatically if a user enters lowercase letters.
Fake text =rant(3,5) and press Enter, random, paragraphs, sentences in each paragraph
This command is like a formula in Excel. "rand" means _______. The number 3 identifies the number of _______. The number 5 identifies the number of _______.
These are seperate panes on the Web page that help to organize the text and graphics.
the surrounding text
Unless you specify the exact size, the check box is formatted to the size of ________.
help messages
You can add _______ to provide instructions for the user who is completing the form.
Online Forms
These can be distributed via e-mail or published on Web sites.
An online form is distributed and collected via e-mail or another type of network.
Help Key (F1) tab
To have a help message appear when the user presses F1, click the ______ and add your help text.
does not
Although this shading is displayed on the screen, the shading (does/does not) show when the form document is printed.
When a form is protected, many of the commands on the menus are not available.
F1, status bar
Users can see a Help message either by pressing the ___ key or by looking at the _______.
visible shading
Word inserts _______ _______, so distinguishing fields from text is easy.
Extensible Markup Language
XML is the abbreviation for the term ______ _______ _______.
protect the form
To prevent users from changing the content of the form template, you must _______.
An online form must be created as a(n) _______.
Status Bar tab
To have the message appear when in the status bar, click the _______ and add your help text.
To add form controls to a Web page, the document must be displayed in Design Mode.
These can be used to collect and organize a variety of information.
Draw Table, Insert Table
You can insert a table in a form by clicking either the _______ or ________ button on the Forms toolbar.
Move buttons
You can move items up or down in the list by selecting an item and clicking one of the _______ _______.
attach a schema
To use XML features, you must _______ to the document.
drop-down form field
To give users a choice of items in a field, use a(n) _______.
Web pages
Forms are frequently used to collect and provide data on _______ ________.
This enables you to identify information in Word documents so that the data can be used in other applications.
e-mail, another type of network
An online form is distributed and collected via _______ or _______.
create the table structure, insert text form fields in each cell of the table where you want the user to insert information
When inserting a table onto a form, you first _______ and then ________.
Adding form controls to a Web page is similar to inserting form controls into an online form.
You can also include _______ in a table.
copying fields from cell to cell
You can speed up the process of inserting text form fields in a table by _______.
Templates, New Document, General
You can locate and open you template by opening the _______ dialog box from the _______ task pane and selecting the _______ tab.
Web Tools
When you are creating a form for a Web page, you must access the form controls provided on the _______ _______ toolbar.
The Total fields will show calculations before the form is printed.
HTML code, View, Source
At any time while you are creating a Web page, you can look at the _______ ______ that controls your text, formatting, and layout. Select _______ menu and click _______.
An online form must be created as a template.
You can also enter default text that provides a brief explanation of what should be entered into that field.
Tab, the arrow keys
You can move from field to field in the form by pressing _______ or using _______.
Web server, Web pages
The ________ ________ is a computer that hosts _______ ________ and responds to requests from browsers.
You cannot format text after it is inserted into an online form.
Tables are frequently used when creating a form.
double-click, Form Field Options
To change the options for a form field, _______ the form field to display the _______ dialog box.
form field
A _______ is a box or other designated location in the document designed for collecting data.
1-Saving the document as a Single File Web Page (*.mht; *mhtml) saves everything in a single Web file with "round trip" support. 2-Saving the document as a Web Page (*.htm; *.html) saves graphics and other supporting data in seperate files with "round trip" support. 3-Saving the document as a Web Page, Filtered (*htm; *html) saves only the essential document information without "round trip" support.
These are the three options in the Save as type box when saving a Web page.
unchanged, again and again
The template remains _______ and can be used _______.
Web site
An online form can also be published on a _______.
size, whether it will be checked or unchecked by default
In the dialog box you can change the _______ of the check box and specify _______.
Form Field Options, Forms, Options
To modify a form field or specify formatting for it, click the ________ button on the ________ toolbar to display an _______ dialog box.
form controls
Microsoft Word provides _______ _______ that provide graphical user interface objects that enable you to format areas of the form quickly for a variety of responses.
design mode
To add form controls, the Web page must be displayed in _______ _______.
text form field
A _______ enables users to enter text.
If field codes are displayed instead of form fields, press _______.
This provides the structure or the blueprint for the XML elements.

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