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Word processing terms


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Wored wrapping
the word processor automatically jumps to a new line if a word cannot fit onto the end of a line
Alter page size
Size of page can be altered to allow different sizes of papaer to be used e.g A4,A3,A5
is made up of rows and coloumns and is used to help organise the way inw hich text is laid out on a page neatly
Deleting text
text is being removed from the document
Standard paragraph
a piece of text that is saved on disc and used over and over when required
Set margins
changing margins of the oage can alter the lenght of a line
Spelling check
check spelling in a document against a dictonary stored in the computer memory
Left justified
text is lined up against the left margin
Right justified
text is lined up against the right margin
has the structure of the document already in place and can be used over and pover again to create similar documents
Amending text
text is being changed in the document
Standard Letter
aThis is a letter that is used time and time again and sent lots of people with only a few details changed (e.g. name.adress) for each person
Grammar checker
makes sure you have started every sentence with a capital and what you have written meets the rules of the English
Mail Merging
takes data from a database file and inserts it into the previously prepared standard letter and then sends it to the printer
helps algin columns of text or for formatting tables
Centre justified
text is centred on the centre line of the page
Alter page layout
The layout of the page can be altered from portrait to landscape
Page breaks
can make a document begin a new paghe at any point
Search and replace
allows you to look for a word and replace it with another
Entering text
text is being inserted into the document
Optical charcter-recongnition(OCR)
this software enables you to enter text into a document whtihout typing it
Fully justified
text is lined up against both margins

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