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Learn to Format a Table


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If the lines are not printed, the last entry in an amount column with a total should be ____.
All the table rows may be the ____ height.
right, decimal, centered
Within cells, numbers may be ____ -aligned, ____-aligned, or ____.
are black lines which will print.
A table may be centered ___ (between the top and bottom of the page).
If a source note is included, it should be ____.
an arrangement of data in rows and columns.
A table is most attractive when centered ____ on a page
are vertical; labeled alphabetically from left to right
main title row
The ____ height may be slightly more than the secondary title row height.
dollar sign, bottom
The dollar sign to the left of the first number should line up with the ____ in ____ row.
Title Case, centered, the column
Column Headings are usually keyed in ____; ____ and above ____.
horizontally centered
Main titles, secondary titles, and column headings are usually ________.
data entries, text, numbers, rows and columns
The body is composed of ____ which contain ____and/or ____ in ____.
are horizontal; labeled numerically from top to bottom
data entry row
The ___ height may be less than the column heading row height.
vertical center, bottom vertical
Most often you will use ____ alignment for the headings and ____ alignment for data rows beneath the headings.
Left, centered
Within cells, words or text may be ____-aligned or they may be ____.
A table may begin ____ inches from the top edge of the page (top margin)
ALL CAPS, centered, first, above
The main title is usually keyed in____; ___ in the ___ row or placed ___ the table
rows and columns
A table is an arrangement of ____.
secondary title row
The ____ height may be more than the column headings row height.
If the lines are not printed, column headings should be ____.
Title Case, centered, DS, main title
The secondary title is usually keyed in____; ___ and a ___ below the ____.
Each column should be only slightly wider than the ____ data entry in the column.
are gray lines which will not print.
Below, left
The Source Note is keyed ____ the table; ____ aligned

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