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Table Basic


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When you pause on AutoFit. you can choose to AutoFit your table to the Contents. AutoFit to window. Fixed Column Width. Distribute Rows Evenly. and Distribute Columns Evenly from the list.
Show/Hide Gridlines
Shows or Hides the Gridlines of the table, These are non-printing gridlines.
When you pause on Delete, you can choose table, columns, rows, or cells from the list.
When you pause on convert, you can decide to CONVERT, TEXT FROM TO TABLE or TABLE TO TEXT.
Table AutoFormat
A quick way to choose pre-definited formats for your table.
A group of cells running vertically up and down in a table.
The lines appearing around each cell to show the table structure.
Sort a column from A-Z or 1-10 order.
Table Properties
Sets the properties of your table.
a group of cells running horizontally across a table.
When you pause on Select, you can choose Table, Column, Row, or Cell from the list
Split Cells
Takes one cell and splits it into two or more.
Merge Cells
Takes two or more cells and combines them into one.
Enter and format a formula into your table.
Split Table
Divides a table into two.
Draw Table
This tool allows you another way to draw a table by clikcing and dragging. This is best used for more complicated tables.
Heading Rows Repeat
This repeats the heading rows on all of the pages of your table.
When you pause on Insert, it displays a menu that you can choose from. The cghoices are Table, Columns to the left, columns to the right, rows above, rows below, and cell
The intersection between a row and a column.

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