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Dreamweaver Lesson 3

Mr. Smith's class


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A _____ is a vertical collection of cells.
To publish a web page to a web server, it is not necessary to have access to the server.
For accessibility purposes, it is recommended that you add a _____ table
table ID
The _____ property of a table determines the number of pixels betwen the cell border and the cell content.
cell padding
Free web hosting services re available from _____
angel fire
The property inpector options never change.
When a table is selected, the _____ box in the property inspector contains an identifier used for cascading style sheets of for scripting.
table ID
A table width specified in _____ is displayed at the same size in all browsers.
The application category on the insert bar contains a button that allows users to insert flash elements.
The _____ category on the insert bar contains buttons for text formatting.
The _____ tag indicates table data.
A _____ is a dreamweaver provided mode for using the table feature.
The icon displayed in the _____ pane of the property inspector is the only eement that is different for the properties of rows, columns, and cells.
lower left
The default horizontal cell alignment is center.
Generally, when web site designers publish to a folder on a web site, they do so by using a _____ program.
_____ is the order of precedence for able formatting.
cells, rows, table
The _____ tag indicates table row.
If _____ is eabled, table cellswiden to accomodate all data as it is typed.
no wrap
The commn category on the insert bar contains buttons for the most frequently used web publishing tasks
A local site can reside on _____.
zip, hard drive, network drive
The _____ property of a table determines the number of pixels between adjacent table cells.
cell space
When dreamweaver creates a layout cell, it automatically assign a vertical alignment of _____.
When formatting tables in standard mode, you can set properties for _____.
entire table, selected cells, rows
When no value is specified, a table is displayed as large as possible.
_____ are types of visual guides dreamweaver provides to help you design document and to project how the page will appear in a browser.
rulers, tracing images, and grids
A table's border outline does not display when viewed in a browser when the border is set to _____.
If modifications are necssary to original specified table values, these values can be changed in the _____.
property inspector
Class is an attribute used with cascading style sheet.
Each _____ within a table can contain any standard elemet you use on a web page, including text, images, and other objects.
Generally, the height of a table consists of the height of the colective rows and is not specified.
In the _____ mode, you created tables and cells by drawing them.
The default vertical cell alignment is _____.
In standard mode, a table is presented as a grid of rows and columns.

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