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Microsoft Office Lesson 11


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One item of data, such as an employee's ID number, last name, or title.
An Access window that contains all of the information about a specific record, and which is used for data entry or editing.
A connection between data among different database objects.
Primary Key
A distinct field in a database that is used to make sure that each record is unique
Information organized in horizontal rows and vertical columns.
A row of data that contains all of the information about one record.
Field Properties
The attributes and appearance of tables and data, such as setting a character limit or determining a default value.
Navigation Pane
An Access window that can be organized by object type, category, date, and other views.
Input mask
Text that provides clues to the data to be inserted, such as YYYY-MM-DD to indicate that the date November 4, 2010 should be entered as 2010-11-04
A task related to a database object; similar to a module but uses Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), a program language.
The complete information on one entity in the database, such as an employee.
A task related to a database object, such as adding a command button, created without using programming language.
Database Management System
A system or program, such as Microsoft Access, that organizes information like a filing cabinet, so that it can be entered, searched, and analyzed
Data type
A specification that determines the data that can be entered in a field.
A program, such as Microsoft Access, that organizes information in records.
A column of data that contains related data in a database, such as employees' last names.
A series of dialog boxes that ask questions and verifies information needed to correctly complete a task.
A database object that displays the contents of a table or of the results of a query in a readable and organized format.
Property Sheet
A window in Access Design view that allows you to set the field properties of a table in a database.
To retrieve information based on search criteria.

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