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demographic transition
A shift from zero population growth in which birth rates and death rates are high to zero population growth characterized instead by low birth and death rates
sustainable resource management
A management policy in which long term resource viability is emphasized instead of short-term economic gain
Describing a dispersion pattern in which individuals are evenly distributed in space, e.g. exactly one per square meter
exponential population growth
The geometric increase of a population as it grows in an ideal, unlimited environment
An ecological measure of the number of individuals per unit of space (area, volume, etc.)
carrying capacity
The maximum population size that can be supported by the available resources, symbolized as K
Populations that maximize the carrying capacity of their environment
A group of interacting individuals belonging to one species and living in the same geographic area that therefore can potentially interbreed.
maximum sustained yields
A method of setting harvest limits such that produces a consistent yield is produced without forcing a population into decline
exponential population growth
survivorship curves
A plot of the number of members of a cohort that are still alive at each age; one way to represent age-specific mortality
logistic population growth
A model describing population growth that levels off as population size approaches carrying capacity
Life history
The series of events from birth through reproduction and death
life tables
A table of data summarizing mortality in a population
Describing a dispersion pattern in which individuals are aggregate in patches
Populations that maximize r, the intrinsic rate of increase
Any characteristic that varies according to an increase in population density, e.g. mortality rates that increase with an increase in population size
The pattern of spacing among individuals within geographic population boundaries
Describing a dispersion pattern in which individuals are spaced in a patternless, unpredictable way

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