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Bca Review


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What do you click to make text appear slanted?
soft page break
When the amount of text in a document fills a page, Word automatically places any remaining text at the start of a new page by creating a ____.
Click and Type
The ______ feature allows you to insert text and other items in a blank area of the document.
The Borders and Shading command is located on the ______ menu.
You can select text by clicking before the text you want to select and dragging the mouse pointer across it.
a useful searching tool in Word is the ________ command.
The Tab key can be used to position and create new tab stops.
Pressing [Delete] is the same as using the [Cut] command.
When a paragraph's left and right sides are even with both margins it is justified.
Resetting your usage data erases changes made automatically to your menu and toolbars. It does not affect the options you set yourself. True or False?
Office Assistant
The ______ is an animated character that appears periodically to provide tips as you work in Word.
you exit all Office applications
Items remain on the Clipboard until _______.
Buttons on the Formatting toolbar allow you to choose the text size and font.
What is the name of the Word feature that corrects typing mistakes as you make them?
Page Setup, File
To change the page orientation of a document click ______ on the ____ menu.
Dragging a tab stop off of the horizontal ruler will remove it.
The Microsoft Art Gallery gives easy access to recorded sound and video clips that you can insert into a document.
What is the term that refers to a family of characters with the same design or typeface?
To create a copy of a document, open it and save it with a new name.
click anywhere in the document
How do you deselect text in word?
Press the ____ key to move to the previous cell in a table.
A ____ is a code that acts like a placeholder for information that changes, like a page number.
align text in a cell
You can use the alignment buttons on the formatting toolbar or the Cell Alignment button on the tables and Borders tool bar to _______.
Word allows you to create different headers for even and odd pages of a document.
You can continue typing when you reach the end of a line because the wordwrap feature automatically moves the insertion point to the start of the next line as you type.
Auto Shapes
You can use the ______ button on the Drawing toolbar to draw curved, freeform, and scribble lines.
The horizontal ruler shows tab settings. True or False?
To force text to wrap around the irregular shape of a graphic, click the Tight text-wrapping option.
Table AutoFormat
In Word, the _____ command provides a variety of preset table formats.
What is the formula to calculate a column's total?
If you want to format a heading so that it was exactly one-half inch high, you would use a ____ pt font size.
Using tab settings to align text is more accurate than using the space bar.
Press the ______ key to move to the next cell in a table.
hanging indent
The term which refers to the formatting used when the first line of a paragraph is indented less than the remaining lines of the paragraph is ______.
You cannot change the size of a graphic object in Word.
When you change the line spacing in a paragraph, you are changing the amount of space between the lines.
select row and press Delete
how do you delete only the text in a row?
Spacing Before and After
This feature allows you to specify the amount of space between paragraphs.
right border
If you want to manually adjust a column to the width of the text, you can drag its ___________.
Use the Highlighter pointer to change the color of individual characters.
area at the intersection of a row and a column
Table, Table Properties, Table, Center
How do you center an entire table on a page?
Which button allows you to reverse a change you have undone?
Ctrl + Enter
You can insert your own page break anywhere in a document by pressing ____.
tab settings; left and right margins; document margins
The horizontal ruler shows ___________ , ____________, and ____________.
In a formula, what is the symbol for division?
A footer is text that appears at the bottom of every page in a document.
To avoid a cluttered appearance, it is a good idea to limit the number of fonts you use in a document to two or three.
identifies spelling and grammer errors, suggests corrections to spelling errors, and identifies repeated words
What does the Spelling and Grammer command do? (3 answers)
Bold, Italics, and underlining are all examples of the _____ type of font formatting.
automatically corrects misspelled words
the AutoCorrect feature __________________.
single dotted line
A hard page break in a document is identified with a ______.
To make the document fill the screen, click the ____ button.
In a formula, what is the symbol for multiplication?
Insert Table
Clicking which button converts text to a table?
Most documents you create are in landscape orientation.
To exit Word, you must click Exit on the Programs menu. True or False?
Removing text from one location and inserting it in another is known as _____.
When the insertion point is in the last cell of a table, pressing which key results in creating a new blank row to the end of the table?
clip art
Word provides many built-in graphics, called ______, which you can insert into your document to add interest.
horizontal ruler
Use the ______ to position and create new tab stops.
When you first create a document in Word, the default size of the top and bottom margins is 2 inches.
Save As
in which dialog box do you name your document?
indent buttons, Formatting toolbar, paragraph command
To indent paragraphs you may use:
Print Preview
Click the ___ _____ button to see your document as it will look when you print it.
To align text, use the ____ toolbar.
The capabilities of Microsoft Word are limited to those on a typewriter. True or False?
To move a graphic where you want on a page, it must be a ______ graphic.
to calculate the sum of specified cells and then divide the sum by the # of cells included in the calculation use the _____ function.
Bullets and Numbering command
The ________ command allows you to change the numbering format for a list.
Tables and Borders
You would use the ____ toolbar to add a thick line around a paragraph.
In the Spelling and Grammer dialog box, if a highlighted word is not really misspelled, you should click _____.
To size a WordArt or any other graphic from its center, hold down the ____ key while dragging the mouse.
The cell reference for the 3rd cell in the 4th row is ____.
right border
If you want to automatically adjust a column to the width of the text, you can double click its ___________.
Word commands are listed in _______.
ask a question; look up a help topic; search a topic
To get help in Word, you can ______, _________, or _________.
double click the file name
A fast way to open an existing document is to _______ in the Open dialog box.
All the buttons available on a toolbar are always visible on the screen. True or False?
Table, sort
To sort a table, choose ____ then _____.
Formatting is a means of enhancing a document's appearance. True or False?
Your document name cannot contain spaces and/or numbers.
Function that displays the # of cells included in a specific range of cells is ____.
You can sort no more than _____ columns in a table.
You can change the line spacing of individual paragraphs within the same document.
The Highlighter pointer applies a transparent layer of color to text.
The small strokes at the ends of characters are called ____.
The Paste command inserts the last item you copied to the Clipboard.
The insertion point shows where text will appear when you start typing. True or False?
To start Word, you must first start Windows. True or False?
double click OVR in the status bar
To get out of Overtype mode and switch back to insert mode, you must_______.
To move a graphic, you simply select the graphic and drag it to the desired location.
Page Range
Which Print option would you use to print a specific page?
Templates and wizards provide the ability to create standard business documents using professionally designed formats. True or False?
Pressing [Delete] removes the character after the insertion point. True or False?

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