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Secure access between parties is done by
user names and passwords, encryption key, digital certificates and signatures
Clicks and bricks
success will go to those who can integrate internet initiatives with traditional operations(merging operations has tradeoffs)
Primary Key
The field that makes each record in a table unique
Further addresses the concept of removing duplicateive data
gathers data on you and your website behavior and choices
must not duplicate data in the same row of a table-identify each row with a unique column or set of columns(primary key)
1:1 relationship
tow different tables use the same primary key--sometimes security reasons requrie a table to be split into tow related tables
Access control and security
e-commerce processes must establish mutual trust between parties
This relationship is between a primary key in the first table and a foreign key in teh second table
remove columns that are not dependent upon the primary key
how is profiling gathered
user registration, cookie files and tracking software, user feedback
Foreign key
A field in one table that also is stored in a different table as a primary key
catalog management
helps generate and manage catalog software
profiling is used for
one to one marketing, authenticating identity, customer relationship management, marketing planning, website management
Restricted access areas
other peoples accounts, restricted company data, webmaster administration areas
Data types
text, bit, integer values, decimal
workflow management depends on
workflow software engine
Enforce Referential Integrity
Set of rules that ensure that data stored in related tables remain consistent as the data are updated
content management
helps develop, generate, deliver, update, and archive text and multimedia information at e commerce websites
essential architectural components of e-commerce
access control and security, profiling and personalizing, (search, content, and catalog management)-payment, workflow management, event notification, collaboration and trading
Primary categories of e commerce
Business to consumer, business to business, consumer to consumer
workflow management
employees electronically collaborate to accomplish structured work tasks
workflow models express predefined
sets of business rules, roles of stakeholders, authorization requirements, routing alternative, databases used, task sequences
search management
search processes help customers find the specific product or service they want

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