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World Civ <3

this took me forever! i have rele good notes so pleasee use this and enjoy =D


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how many tribunes are elected?
explain patricians in detail.
powerful, controlled gov, nobility (upper class), land owners, minority. they got land by inherriting it, not all patricians are wealthy.
explain the roman army
not very big, but VERY POWERFUL
what did the laws written by the patricians for the plebeians say?
plebeians could hold office, could join army (and get land)
define fascism.
form of gov that involves gov. comtrol . it uses force and censorship
where did greeks settle? (north, south, east, or west?)
where was Alexander the Great from? (when)
Macedonia (300's b.c)
where was there terrasing?
what kind of change did the plebeians want?
social change (becuase of all of their disadvantages and no privilages) but they had no power to change it.
what is another name for pottasium?
rome was ruled by etruscan kings until __. (what happened? and when?)
they didnt have a strong king, so in 509 b.c , they kick him out and get a republic.
What did the Italien Peninsula do to get food? (did they have many or few good harbors?)
relied on farming; had few good harbors
what was a tremendous cultural influence?
magna graecia
What is benito musselini known as?
"il duce"
what kind of democracy did greeks have?
direct democracy
Why were latins called latins?
they were on the plains of latium ' men of wide plain"
what are censors?
registered citizens according to their wealth (to know how much to charge for taxes), appointed candidates to the senate, oversaw the conduct of all citizens.
are there nuclear weapons in Italy?
NO! They have an organization aginst them!
if someone breaks a law, who rules the gov and courts (plebeians or patricians?)
patricians (so plebeians dont have such a great chance of winning
what is a census?
population count (randomly pick people)
define heterogeneous
when did Italy become a republic?
june 2, 1946 (when war was officially over)
Explain alpine climate.
cooler, north, very cold (especially in winter!)
define homogeneous
Who was Benito Musselini?
dictator who allied with hitler, founded fascist party
who did the roman learn from and adopt a lot of things from?
what is the most important power than an assembly has?
hte power to veto the senate and all other officials.
define hubris.
being too conceited, exectuive pride; thing your like a g-d.
what are the powers of the consuls?
run gov, command army, appoint dictators, veto power(refuse the acts of other consuls)
Describle the Tiber River in detail.
one of the biggest rivers, can control trade on it, located far enough from the sea to be safe from raiders, yet near enough to be in communication with other people, low water table
Describe the Physical setting of greece.
bad farming, divided up by mountains, used islands and trased by sea.
about how many nations have nuclear weapons?
what sign did patricians wear on their clothing to show that they were patricians?
they had purple on their clothing (it was very expensive and a royal color. the more purple on your clothes, the wealthier you were.)
where & when did the true founders of rome find it?
settled south of the tiber river in 750 b.c
when did Italy become independant?
1861 when King Victor Emmanuel united the regional states of the peninsula
when did europe fall into depression?
Descibe requirements and details of the roman senate.
300 senators (served for life), from wealthiest families, older people
What were the laws written by the patricians for the plebeians and when were they written?
12 Tables in 450 b.c
what is a greek tragedy?
has a bad ending. (when a hero doesnt win, or story ends sad or badly)
is greece a peninsula?
what was magna graecia called by the romans? (what did many greeks use the location for, who was it heavily settled by?)
Great Greece; resources; Greece
who is mars?
god of war and father of romulus and remus
did latins keep written records?
who is the prime minister of Italy?
Romano Prodi (fairly new)
what city elects a republic (representative democracy)?
who was democracy frist created by?
What river was Rome on? (surround by ___)
Tiber River; 7 hills
does italy have nuclear power?
when did benito musselini rule? (from ___ - ___)
wut is direct democracy?
when something or someone is elected directly (by all people for everything)
form of gov (democracy) in which representatives are picked to run the country.
which empire was wealthy and sophisticated? ; who conquered it?
perisian empire; alexander the great
how did the plebeians gain equality?
strike (they said they were goin to leave) and won
how many people re there in Italy?
around 58 million people
how many consuls are there? how many years are they in office for?
2 (kind of like the pres. and vp); in office for 1 year
worked and battled together (10 of them in a legion)
who were 2 of the legendary founders of rome (legend) (describe story)
romulus and remus; romulus stabbed remus and named rome after himself
How mauch is a Euro worth compared to the american dollar
40 cents more
could the poor and wealthy hold office?
no only the wealthy.
explain plebeians in detail.
farmers, blacksmith and workers, majority
the etruscans had strong weapons and tools which helped them _____
drain marches, build roads, help make rome a more livable place
when did women get the right to vote?
who was (legend) also told to be a founder of rome?
aneas; trojan prince,
what is carthage modernly called?
What are 6 major problems that Italy is facing today?
illegal immigration, organized crime, high unemployment, sluggish economic growth, pollution, low birth rate
what is senate latin for?
old man
Describe etruscan civilization, (strong military? whay type of gov? is it strong? written or implied records? skilled metal workers? when?)
strong military, strong monarchy, written language and records, skilled metal workers. (in 600 b.c)
basic unit of 4500 to 6000 soldiers, very organized
(true) founders of rome?
did the gov. people get paid?
no! they didnt get paid
where were the laws writeen by the patricians for the plebeians put?
in the forum (center of the city)
what are the senates 4 powers? ; what do they all have to do with
comtrol public funds, decide foreign policies, in times of emergency, they coukd propose that a citizen be nes a dictator, sometimes acted as a court. ; making laws
by __ b.c plebeians could hold office.
define triumph.
victory parade
what are plebeians rights?
could vote but not hold office, had few rights, could not join army
Explain mediterranean climate.
moderate and mild, south, hot and dry in summer, mild wet winters
define isthmus.
narrow strip of land that connects two larger bodies of land
what 5 pwrs do popular assemblies have?
vote on laws, elected officials, voted to make war & peace, served as courts, veto the senate and all otehr officials.

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