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Tables & Borders Toolbar


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Distribute Rows Evenly
makes the height between rows equally spaced.
Sort Descending
selecting text and cell and assorting them in descending order. CBA, 321
Line Style
allows you to choose a line style for you borders.
Table AutoFormat
allows you to use a number of pre-made design table templates where you can customize colors, fonts, borders and other features.
Shading Color
allows you to apply a background color to cells, rows, and columns.
allows you to apply borders to a certain border style to a specific border cell or to remove the borders from specific cells completely.
Line Weight
allows you to choose a thickness for your table line borders.
allows you to erase parts of your table.
Merge Cells
the act of selecting more than one separate cell and merging them so they become one.
allows you to format the text or content within a cell, you can make your text right, left, or center aligned.
Distribute Columns Evenly
makes the width between columns equally spaced.
Sort Ascending
selecting text and cell and assorting them in ascending order. ABC, 123
automatically calculates formulas within cells.
Border Color
allows you to access the color template to apply a color to your line borders.
Split Cells
the act of selecting a specific cell and dividing it into one or more rows or columns.
Change Text Direction
allows you to modify the orientation of text within cell.
Draw Table
lets you create a table by drawing it freehand.
Insert Table
allows you to input specific information about the look and design of your table.

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