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Standard Paragraph
A piece of text that is saved on disc and used opver and over when required
Search and Replace
Allows You to search for a word and replace it with another.
Alter Page Size
Size of page can be altered to allow different sizes of paper to be used. eg. A4 , A3 , A5
Is made up of rows and collums and is used to help organise the way in which text is laid on a paige neatly
Helps align collums of text or for formatting tables
Alter Page Layout
The layout of the page can be altered from portrait to landscape
Grammer Check
Makes sure you have started every sentence with a capital and what you bhave written meets the rules of english.
Page Breaks
Can make a document begin a page at any point
Set Margins
Changing the margins of the page can alter the length of a line.
Spelling Check
Checks spelling in a document against a dictionary stored in the computers memory

Deck Info