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EFB-385 Cat Muscle Practical


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Name the 3 materials indicated by the colored dots.
Gemellus cranialis
O. dorsal rim of ilium & ischium
I. greater trochanter of femur
A. abduct thigh

Obturator internus
O. medial surface of ischium & fasciae covering obturator foramen
I. greater trochanter of femur
A. abduct thigh

Quadratus femoris
O. ischial tuberosity
I. bases of greater/lesser trochanters of femur
A. retracts thigh

Psoas minor
O. centra of last 1-2 thoracic vertebrae & centra of first 3-4 lumbar vertebrae
I. pelvic girdle (near pectineus muscle origin)
A. flexes back

Quadratus lumborum
O. centra and transverses processes of lumbar & last several thoracic vertebrae
I. ilium (cranial to origin of iliacus muscle)
A. flexes back & bends vertebral column laterally

N. lift up lateral border of psoas major muscle (near middle)

Serratus dorsalis
O. thoracolumbar fascia
I. proximal portion of ribs
A. cranial: draws ribs forward and outward; caudal: pulls ribs backward and inward

N. beneath l. dorsi (wings of muscle)

Longus colli
O. ventral surfaces of first 6 thoracic vertebrae
I. centra/transverse processes of cervical vertebrae
A. flexes neck & flexes neck laterally

O. fascia overlying erector spinae muscle & spinous processes of last 4 thoracic vertebrae
I. spinous processes of anterior thoracic & most cervical vertebrae
A. extends vertebral column

N. beneath l. dorsi in shoulder region

What 4 muscles act collectively to extend and laterally flex the back & neck & head?
  • 1. erector spinae
  • 2. longissimus dorsi
  • 3. iliocostalis
  • 4. semispinalis capitus + cervicus
O. medial wall of tympanic cavity
I. neck of stapes
A. dampens vibrations of stapes by drawing stapes head backwards

O. larynx
I. pharyngeal wall
A. tenses vocal cords

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