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nicolle's science vocab (some)


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sea-floor spreading
the process by which molten material adds to make oceanic crust to the
deep-ocean trench
a deep valley along the ocean floor beneath which oceanic crust slowly sinks tward the mantle
convergent boundry
a plate boundry where two plates move tward each other
a section of the lithosphere that flloats on the atheneasphere carrying parts of the continental and oceanic crust
mid-ocean ridge
an undersea mountain range where new ocean floor is produced by a divergent plate boundry
a trace of an ancient organism that has beeen preserverd in rock
scientific theory
a well tested concept that explains a wide range of ovservations
divergent boundry
a plate boundry where two plates move away from each other
the process by which oceanic crust sinks beneath a deep-ocean trench and back into the mantle at a convergent plate boundry
a break in Earth's crust where masses of rock slip past each other
rift valley
deep valley that forms where two plates move apart
a device that bounces sound waves off underwater objects and then records the echos of theses sound waves
transform boundry
a plate boundry where two plates move past each other
plate tectonics
the theory that pieces of Earth's lithosphere are inconsant motion driven by convection currents in the mantle

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