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Charlie Chaplin
-Wrote, directed and wrote music -Came from a working class british family, immigrant, father disappeared and mother sent to asylum-->saves women in films -the gold rush, modern times, the great dictator -the tramp, little fellow
Rudolph Valentino
-changed male sexuality -male sexuality as female desire -sexual agression, exotic fantasy -object of gaze -foreign lover, implicit danger
Charlie Chaplin, Modern Times 1936
-oppressed worker -remains a gentlemen -working class hardship -sexuality and escape
Charlie Chaplin, The Great Dictator 1940
-sound -moves away from little tramp persona
Charlie Chaplin, The Gold Rush
-on location shot -romance and comedy -captured the pursuit of happiness -little tramp -costume demonstrates sentimental and victorian -mustache was pre-hitler -the frontier and upward mobility -rags to riches as individual initiative rewarded by fortune and love -realistic presentation of class system and labor
Top Romantic Movies
1. Casablanca 2. Gone with the Wind -tied to tragedy -focus on partnership of couple
Romance Idols Originally Villans
Gable, Bogart, Brando, Valentino
King Kong
-empire state building represents height of american achievement -ny skyline as orientation marker -skull island sequence example of bad ethnography, islanders posses language and money but all mixed up
King Kong (2005)& Bridge Formation
Bridge between people and natural world
It Happened One Night (1934)
-suspended eroticism/desire-->blanket like walls of jerricho -magical transformation-->journey and travel, family will be won over -role reversal
Capra Hero
-Capracorn: man of comedic despair -emergency exit -innocence, idealism, public humiliation, reclaiming the american dream -Gary Cooper & Jimmy Stewart
Gone with the Wind (1939)
-epic genre -novel 1936 by Margaret Mitchell -everything big: overture, intermission, subject
Southern Epic
-history of nation -concerned with the american south -scenes divided by african american doing something -slavery in the filmic unconscious
Rhett at foot of stairs
-like library scene in that it is similar to a 19th c. novel -Rhett mocking scarlett
Scarlett in White
Scarlett in Red
Most like Rhett
Rhett and Ashley
Funky gender roles
Hattie McDaniel
-\"Mammy\" -19th c. black face -womanly, cheerful, welcoming, robust -won oscar -dilemma of how to operate within stereotypes
Commerical Mammy
-Aunt Jemima -Uncle Ben
Continuity Editing
-film sequence are edited so that time seems to flow uninterrupted
-different images are assembled to build up an impression
\"Cut To\"
one image is suddenly replaced by another, without a visible transition
Cross Cut
-images cut back and forth
Cross Dissolve
-one image dissolves into another
-what\'s included and excluded in an individual shot
Very long shot/wide shot
-also known as an establishing shot
Long Shot
-head to toe
Mid Shot
waist to head
Medium Close Up
-chest to head
-head and shoulders
Extreme Close Up
-from just above the eyebrows to just below the mouth, or even closer
Two Shot
-any shot with two people in it
Point of view shot
-a shot from a character\'s point of view
-establishes mood and atmosphere
Diegetic Sound
-part of whats going on -ex: train whistle, birds
Non-Diegetic Sound
-not part of whats going on -ex: music
Sound Bridge
-sound from the second scene is heard before we start to see the picture from the scene
Marketing Star Chemistry
-studio control of couples -real life sexual relations replicated in film narrative
Tragic Romance
-chance and destiny (start-crossed) -barriers (economic, class, death, partner unattainable) -malign fate wreaks havoc -isolation from community -enemies -blocking parents
Comic Romance
-chance and destiny (inevitable pairing) -barriers (economic, class, death, partner educated and or transformed) -malign fate overcome (magical transformation, magical travel) -incorporation into community -friends -blocking parents won over and become allies
Deep cultural narrative structure of comedy and romance
-incompatibility of partners -unavailability of partners -reversal: love conquers all -wedding codes social assimilation and generational harmony
-american movies as collaborative productions -mass marketed -mass distributed and mass exhibited -vs. american movies as art
-theatrical origins in immigrant vaudeville and music hall
King Kong (1933)
-classic horror-adventure film -raises questions about what\'s savage and what\'s civilized
Capra Heroine
-worldly -cynical -reclaiming the american dream
Capra Fiction
-sentimentalism -despair -social populism
The War Film-Homefront Film
-GWTW homefront film -women\'s attitude to war and their subversion aligned with African-Americans
The War Film
Birth of a Nation
The Gold Rush
Son of Sheik
The Jazz Singer SOUND
King Kong
It Happened One night
Modern Times
Gone With The Wind
The Great Dictator
Rear Window
King Kong Remake
D.W Griffith
-original auteur -birth of a nation: full orchestra -used $ from BON to make Intolerance (Movie) -provided film grammar -claims he discovered the close up
In the 1920
-comedy marketing success
The Wedding
-social assimilation -generational harmony
Victor Flemming
-1939 did both GWTW and WOOz
Confederate Flag Tattered
-deromanticism of war
Al Jolson & Blackface
-not southern or american -lithuanian jew
x (culture desires) + y (culture fears) x does not equal y
-america\'s psychologist -born 1899 -irrational intruding on schizo individual -innocence falsely accused
Hitchcock Trademarks
-one who wears glasses sees truth -falling: fall from innocence and moral superiority
\"Rear Window\"
-voyerism and surveillance -shot from one pov -impotent as voyer -Hitchcock believed voyerism is a natural human trait
Frank Capra
-director -It Happened One Night -Italian American -Clark Gable and Jimmy Stewart
Clark Gable
-villian to hero -capra corn -GWTW, IHON
Harry Cohn
-cofounder of columbia pictures -did not get along with frank capra
Capra\'s Emergency Exit
-rush to a happy ending
The Story
-sequences of scenes
The Scene
-series of related shots
The Shot
-single continuous recording
The Edit
-shots put together
The Son of Sheik (1926)
-Rudolph Valentino -foreign lover, implicit danger -changed male sexuality -object of desire, alone -R.V. was a dancer, odd murder scandal
The Gold Rush (1925)
-set in alaska -social class conflicts -little tramp (little fellow) -lone prospector -comedy and social satire -romantic idealist
Casablanca (1942)
-Director: Michael Curtiz -Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine -Ingrid Bergman as Ilsa Lund
The Hitchcock Blonde
-the heroine
Cassandra figure in Hitchcock
-the woman who sees the truth -almost always wears glasses
Rear Window Women
-artists -writer, dancer, sculptor, singer
-idea of surveillance -height of freudian fascination -cold war mentality -maccarthy hearings
The Searchers (1956)
-John Wayne as Ethan -visually beautiful film -John Ford director -inclosure of figure in natural frame -cowboy figure fought in civil war -uses freudian symbols-->door to homestead like vagina -landscape active character in westerns
John Ford
-leading director of westerns
Revisionist Westerns
-wrestle with heritage of racism, what is american -dealing with native americans not indians -stereotype of indian has fractured subtitles used bc language is used
Movie Musical
-both real and choreographed with a score -triangle formation -moving in unison -most relational and collaborative -synchronism and consummation
Arthur Freed
-lyricist of Singin\' -part of MGM -associated with Judy Garland
Dr. Strangelove
-Director: Stanley Kubrick -opening scene: mama and baby whale, freudian -airplanes sexual -bomb suggests sexuality -bombs set as two breasts -failure of technology
Mario Puzo
-born in hells kitchen -went to college after ww2
The Godfather
-tension between professional ethos and domestic ethos -citrus fruits -about greed and business -director: francis ford coppola -brando and al pacino -vito corleone-->robin hood character
1960s foreign influence
-Italy: Fellini & Antonioni -France: Truffaut & Godard -Sweden: Bergman
The Godfather and Gangster
-all gangster movies make reference to the godfather -homosocial setting -jokes made at womens\' expense -dichotomy of virgin and whore -ultimately can\'t keep business away from family life -modeled on the Odyssey -women root of conflict
-juxt between real life and song/dance -insidious unpleasant aspect over the decadence -S&D are edgy -idea of female desire and female empowerment, survival, work, work that gives pleasure -phallic women (strong, upright, reach upward) -lesbian subtext in prison -final sequence with machine guns emphasizes gangster musical
The Great Gatsby-Cars
-recklessness -colors show personality of the characters -wilson does not own a car but owns a garage
The Great Gatsby-Athletics
-polo leisure sport -golf-->wealthy class -status of sports -less physical more social -\"old sport\"-->oxford
The Great Gatsby-Eyes
-vision and corrected vision (novel) -nick eyes of story -catching each others eyes
The Great Gatsby-Setting and Weather
-occurs over the summer -eat and party outside -action heating up as days heat up
The Great Gatsby-Alcohol
-different level of drunkeness -nick changes as he drinks -gatsby doesn\'t drink -gatsby might be a bootlegger -daisy never drinks
The Great Gatsby-Color and Light
-diasy and white -gatsby in dark and pink -green light
F. Scott Fitzgerald
-famous at 23 -named the jazz age -zelda wife -everything they did was in the newspaper -at 40, wife in mental hospital -at 44, heart attack and dead
Continuous Loop
move, musical, movie
-we\'re in the money -elaborate productions
-original musical prevails
death of genre?
-revived by Walt Disney revoluation
-popularity increases while quality decreases
-Son of Sheik -Gold Rush -King Kong -Gone with the Wind -Casablanca (during) -it happened one night
-Rear Window -Singin\' -The Searchers -Dr. Strangelove -The Godfather -Great Gatsby -Chicago
-things you expect to find -does it satisfy or disrupt your expectations
-Son of Sheik -Gold Rush
Gangster Genre
-italian american & cuban american -effort to assimilate through violent means
Romantic Genre
-barrier -separation -money -sacrafice
Musical Genre
-social geometry -literal pattern -harmony -social community
Cultural Coding
-racial difficulties reflect reality of racism -ww1 & ww2 \"wake up america\"
Chicago 2002
-movie musical -completely different than singin -strong women, phallic women
The Searchers
1927 Jazz Singer
Casablanca 1942
-humphrey bogart & ilsa lund -romantic tragedy and war film -love triangle -narrative structure flows through sam
Dr. Strangelove 1964
-director: stanley kubrick -freud -war film/dark comedy -compared to failsafe -failure of technology -arms race
The Great Gatsby 1974
-robert redford -romantic tragedy
The Gold Rush
The searchers 1956
-john ford -john wayne -nostalgia for frontier -odyssey -freud -monument valley, utah
Son of Sheik
The Great Gatsby
The Godfather 1972
-marlon brando -al pacino -mario puzo -francis ford coppola -gangster genre -women as whores or virgin
Singin In the Rain 1952
-technicolor -movie musical -harmony -pattern -song and dance consummation -gene kelly
1934 Hayes Code
-regulated violence, sex, language, and religion
marsailles scene in casablanca
-important -does not include nick -defines movie as a war film
-sword fights -damsel in distress -chivalry
-typically classical, biblical, or historical
Rear Window
-jimmy stewart more interested in voyeurism than grace kelly until she joins in the adventure
Western Genre
-nostalgia for frontier -conquer frontier -return of law and order -honor and sacrifice
Sam in Casablanca
-narrative structure flows through him
Five Elements of a Romance
1. barrier 2. triangle 3. consummation 4. destiny 5. wound/sacrafice
Gunfight Western
-typical western genre with gunfight as climax
1968 MPAA Ratings
-abolished 1935 Hayes Code -G, PG, PG13, R rating system
The Gold Rush 1925
-little tramp film -set in alaska -romantic idealist
Son of Sheik 1926
-Rudolph Valentino -foreign lover, implicit danger -object of womens gaze -sexual desire
IHON 1934
-clark gable & claudette colbert -frank capra director -romantic comedy
GWTW 1939
-epic -clark gable, vivien leigh, olivia de haviland -david selznick director -technicolor
King Kong 1933
-adventure/horror -fay wray as ann -what is civilized versus what is primitive -ny skyline -esb=skull island -poor ethnography
Rear Window 1954
-jimmy stewart and grace kelly -hitchcock -voyeurism -one pov -women as artists -diegetic sound

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