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Insight Test ONE


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What is a software license?
Permission to use software; you are only using/leasing intellectual property
In Microsoft's Open Businiess & Open Value Programs, what is minimum lic purchase for new contracts?
What are 3 ways your client can buy software?
OEM-orig equip mfr, Retail, and Volume Licensing
What is CAL (acronym and definition)?
Client Access License- licenses req for each desktop or user that is accessing server unless a per processor lic is available
When is a per-processor license beneficial to the client?
When the number of users is not quantifiable; too difficult to count. More users than processors.
What is the length of an Open Value Program agreement?
3 years. This agreement includes a mandatory Software Assurance element.
What is Software Assurance?
Ability to upgrade to newer versions of software during agreement period for a reduced price.
Name 2 benefits of Microsoft's Open Value Program.
Software Assurance, Annualized Payment, 3 year term.
What are 3 main software needs found in almost every organization?
Microsoft Products, Backup Software, Security Software.
Microsoft's Open Business licensing program is geared toward what size client?
SMB 250 or less. 250+ would benefit from Select or Enterprise
What is minimum purchase for Symantec's Norton Antivirus licensing program?
When is an authorization number needed from the client when ordering Microsoft software?
When ordering additional licenses under that agreement.
Name Microsoft's 2 licensing programs designed for clients with 250 or more PC's.
Enterprise and Select.

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