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Soc test #1: geography, Native Americans,SQ3R, areas of soc., Creation myth


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What is an arcaeologist?
A person who systematically studies the artifacts of a people to understand their existence as a culture.
What is an artifact?
An object made by a human.
What is cartography?
The science of map making.
What is a civilization?
A whole society that shares a culture, such as the same language, religion, art, music, family rules, and guidelines, government and means of communication
What is culture?
A total way of life.
A loose government unit where the parts, such as the states in America, would retain most powers with a few key powers left to the central governmet.
The study of ho people produce, distribute, and consume resources in order to satisfy their wants; and also how people make choices in trying to satisfy their wants with limited resources.
The total surroundings including physical, social and cultural conditions. These conditions affect the indivitual and the comunity.
Federal government
A political system in which a union of states recognizes a central authority while retaining certain residual powers of government.
The study of the earth and its features, as well as, where people live.
A person who studies, writes about and analyzes past events.
The study of past events.
The original inhabitants of an area. The people who settle the lands of North and South America are referred to as Native Americans or indigenous peoples.
League of Five nations
A confederation of Indian tribes, including the Mohawk, Seneca, Oneida, Cayuga and Onondaga. They were often called the League of Iroquois.
The structure of the woodland Indian, such as the Iroquois in which several families lived. It was made of tree branches and other forest greens with a rounded roof.
A society that counts decent through the female line
A religion whose faith has a single God; ex. Judaism, Islam and Cristianity.
Native Americans
The first settlers who came to North America from Asia; the indigenous peoples.
Primary Source
For a person who studies history, a primary source is a document or written record which comes directly form the period of time under study.
Areas that have certain characteristics and features in common.
Secondary source
Whe writings and interpretations of historians and other writers. These sources such as textbooks and articles often provide convenient summaries of the information contained in primary sources.
political science
study of government
individual behavior
past; ex. fossils, artifatcts
What happened to the wife in the sky world?
Sky world- man & woman- wife curious & looked out through hole under sacred tree- fell through sky
How did the earth begin?
Animals helped save woman from fall- planted dirt from ocean (muskrat)- woman began earth
Who killed mother?
Woman's daughter gave birth to twins- right handed who represented good-straight minded & left handed- crooked minded- who represented evil (killed mother)
What two ways of life do twins represent?
They represent good & evil; nature = balance
What became of the left and right handed twins?
They fought with eachother- right handed won & threw brothers body over cliff. Left handed twin- devil & right handed twin- heaven
legislative branch
creates laws
exectutive branch
carries out and enforces laws
judicial branch
decides if a law is constitutional or not
story hand down from generation to genoration
What is the constitution?
A document that sets out the laws, principles, organization and processes of the government.
They were extremely valuable, white, purple, and black beeds made from clamshells. They were used as money and to record history. The patterns they were woven in ment certain things and could be read.
Native American Cheif
Shared ownership
Who is Dekanawida?
A Huron Indian who lived in present day Canada. He had a dream about peace between the 5 Iroquois nations.
people who are related to yow
Nuclear family/Fireside family
Your mother, father and siblings
Extended family
Everyone that is related to you
Longhouse family
Your maternal great-grandmother, maternal grandma, mother, siblings, mothers siblings, maternal grandmothers, maternal great-grandmothers siblings and cousins on your mothers side.
people who beleive in more than one god.
A society that counts decent through the male line
Who was Hiawatha?
An Onondaga chief living with Mohawks. He helped form the confederacy.
Who was the Sky Woman/Our Grandmother?
The woman who fell off the sky world and started the earth.
What is place?
characteristics that make a place different from other places.
natural resources-human aspects
What is human/environment interaction?
how people interact with the environment
What is movement?
People, goods, and ideas moving from one place to another.
What is region?
shares common characteristics (geographic forms, climate, etc.)
What is SQ3R?
A study method
What are the steps of SQ3R?
Survey- briefly look over content for main idea
Question- if questions are not provided, turn ideas into questions.
Read- read to answer question.
Recite- restate important points outloud in your own words.
Review- reveiw material
What was the role of women in the Iroquois confederation?
To vote for the sachem.
What were the values in the creation myth?
balance, nature, interdepentence
What is the difference between matrilineal and patrilineal?
If something is matrilineal, the decent is counted through the female line. If it is patrilineal, decent is counted through the male line.
What were the 5 Iroquois nations?
Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida and Mohawk.

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