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nervous system (3)


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"wrist and finger extensors"
innervation: radial nerve action: extends wrist and/or fingers
anterior compartment (muscles, function, innervation)
caracobrachialis (crosses shoulder), biceps brachii (crosses shoulder and elbow), brachiallis (crosses elbow) function- flexion innervation- musculocutaneous
articular (joint) capsule
attaches the margin of the glenoid fossa and to the anatomical neck of the humerous
biceps brachii
action: flex arm at shoulder joint, flexor of elbow, supinator of forearm
biceps tendon (long head)
travels in the intertubercular groove, then attaches to supraglenoid tubercle of scapula
innervation: musculocutaneous nerve action: forearm flexor (agonist)
innervation: radial nerve action: flexes forearm at elbow
action:flexes and adducts arm innervation: musculocutaneous nerve
deltoid (3 heads: anterior, middle, posterior)
action: anterior-flexes and medially rotates arm middle- abducts arm posterior- extends and laterally rotates arm innervation: axillary nerve
glenoid cavity (fossa)
covered with articular cartilage
glenoid labrum
rim of fibrocartilage
head of humerous
covered with articular cartilage
latissimus dorsi
action: extends, adducts, and medially rotates humerus
levator scapulae
elevates scapula
pectoralis major
action: adducts and medially rotates humerus
pectoralis minor
action: downward rotation and depression of scapula
posterior compartment (muscles, function, innervation)
triceps brachii- long head- crosses shoulder and elbow medial/lateral- crosses elbow function- extension innervation- radia nerve
pronator quadratus
innervation: median nerve action: pronation of forearm
pronator teres
innervation: median nerve action: pronation of forearm
(lateral)- capitulum of humerous and had of radius
rhomboids (major and minor)
Action: retraction of scapula
rotator cuff
continuous contraction of these muscles is primarily responsible for holding the head of the humerus within the glenoid fossa. critical for stability
rotator cuff muscles
supraspinatus (abduction), infraspinatus (lateral rotation), teres minor (lateral rotation), subscapularis (medial rotation)
serratus anterior
action: protraction of scapula and upward rotation of glenoid cavity innervation: long thoracic nerve
innervation: radial nerve action: supination of forearm
teres major
action: extends, adducts, and medial rotates the humerus
thenar eminence hypothenar eminence
innervation: thenar- medial nerve hypothenar- ulnar nerve action: flexion, abduction, and opposition of thumb and little finger
innervation: spinal acessory nerve (CN XI) action: upper- elevates and upwardly rotates scapula; extends head and neck middle- retracts scapula lower-depresses and upwardly rotates scapula
triceps brachii
innervation: radial nerve action: primary forearm extendor (agonist)
(medial)- trochlear notch of ulna and trochlea of humerous
wrist and finger flexors
flexor carpi radialis flexor digitorum superficialis flexor digitorum profundus flexor carpi ulnaris flexor pollicis longus palmaris longu innervation: primarily median nerve action: produce flexion at all joints crossed

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