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Polychrests Short Keynotes Part 2

Short notes on the major remedies


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Kali Phosphoricum
"DEPLETION, neurasthenia, prostration, overwork, lack of nerve power, mental fatigue, irritable, restless, starting from noise, Chilly
"burn/acid/foul discharges, EXCORIATION AND INFLAMMATION OF MUCOUS MEMBRANES (mouth gums, vaginal cervical uterine), discharge offensive, left, difficult menses/dentition, < 6am/pm hemorhage, menstral and hormonal disturbances, decay of teeth, inflamed and bleeding gums, offensive mouth, stains the linen yellow, burning itching swelling leucorrhea cold weather, vertigo as if floating, jaw cracks while eating, pharyngitis side to side, heat and sensitivity of feet, uncovers feet, Dreams of snakes, sleep on back one leg drawn up and foot rest on opposite knee or curled in fetal position, DELUSION LOOKED DOWN UPON FILTHY, sycotic, < midnight on, craves: salt pepper whiskey warm drink; swelling breast/mastitis SYCOTIC "
"wounded pride, imagined insult, needs approval/praise/appreciation, wants to be center of attention and feeling ignored if not; < right side, emotions, chagrin, mortification; right sided ovarian cysts; HA - numbness, pain traveling in a band from ear to ear across top of head"
Nat Carb
"gentle, refined, sympathetic, sacrificing, selfless, yet pet peeves/unreasonable dislike of certain people; self contained, stays in background, sensitive to ambiance/atmosphere; cheerful even when sad; sensitive to music (weeping); problems assimilating; < sun, milk, heat, drafts, t storms, > rubbing, eating; HA from sun, overeating; weak digestion, food allergies"
Merc iod flav
right-sided Merc
Phos Ac
"indifference, weakness starting on emotional level; ailments from grief (appears more weak/collapsed than grieving); burnout from illness, drugs/alcohol, caring for a loved one a long time; slow, forgetful, indolent; ailments from loss vital fluids, excessive secretions (sweat, urine, emissions) leads to easy dehydration; chilly > warmth, sleep; HA - crushing weight on the head; hair loss; (+) juicy fruit refreshing; SRP - profuse diarrhea but not producing the expected prostration; night sweats, growing too fast"
"Cyanotic, lack of reaction, coldness, collapse, cyanosis of babies, fainting episodes,somnolence (drowsiness or great sleepiness (esp after correct remedy) pale face blue lips, chronic cough, heart diseases, illusion of vision, everything seems too large until touched. Lack of reaction in chest affection ie lacks to recover from conditions but stays instead the same for days on end showing no sigh of progress, rapid weak pulse, congestive heart failure "
"anxiety about health, hart respiration, PSYCHOGENIC dyspnea (patient pancis but lungs are clear, SRP RESPIRTORY DISTRESS EVEN CYANOSIS BUT LUNGS ARE CLEAR, agg by cold, or change of temp, cold sweat, HYPERVENTILATION, sensation heart will stop ""a vasomotor stimulant""constrictive pains, epigastrium (nausea, heartburn, vomit) spasms swallowing difficutl choling,rapid motion "
"Confusion as to location, sunstroke, Headaches lying on back; major HA remedy, circulation, palpitations, hypertension, and heart disease. Craves tobacco. < heat."
"sharp tongue, sarcastic, loquacity,passionate,overactive, suspicious, jealousy, intense seeking outlet, never well since menopause, mind , can have introversion with suppressed emotions comes out as critical toward everyone around him with hidden envy and frustration, strong sex drive, sensitive to tight clothes (neck, waist) aversion to throat touched, hard pressure, free secretions, Sleeps right side (NOT LEFT)nightmares, difficult swallowing, but pain better swallowing solid food or cold drink
"fear insanity, losing control, devil; obsession evil forces; self injury/mutilation, sudden vanishing of thoughts; < cold drink, puberty, menopause, ticht collars, horror movies, noise (causes physical pain); dermatitis with excessive vesiculation, oozy sticking serum, crusts, intense itching; sensation flames rising from stomach < cold water"
Nux V
"Oversensitivity, can't relax (mental/physical), irritable, easily offended, impatient, fastidious, driven, ambitious, competitive, jealous, intolerant; < contradiction (breaks things out of anger); cramping pains, chilly, craves stimulants, wakes 3 4am; collapse from overwork; high sex drive; ineffectual urging (constipated; pee insufficient); < early morning, cold, loss sleep, high living, sedentary habits, overeating, anger, tight clothes > warmth, free discharges; (+) spicy, fat; HA < noise, mental exertion, stimulants; insomnia; back pain < in bed, lying on back, motion"
"seasickness and skin conditions; dryness (ENT) < winter and coldness in spots; excitable/quick temper, quarrelsome; > warm weather, eating (nausea); daytime diarrhea; increased appetite; ( ) meat, fat; < flatulent foods, before and during T storms; ravenous appetite during diarrhea or after stool; cracked hands, tips of fingers, deep cracks in palms; genital herpes spreading anus thighs; eczema with herpes, offensive perspiration; possible causality (skin): working with tar or petroleum chemicals"
Kali Sulphuricum
"conservative, (can look like pulsatilla but more irritable) CHRONIC PULSATILLA), epithelium, glands, lack of confidence, soft and timid, depression, lack of warm open air, chronic otitis/nasal obstruction/snoring yellow flaking from scalp, craves sweets, adverse eggs, leading indications are yellow discharges open air. SYCOTIC"
Hepar Sulph
"Cold, irritable, vulnerability, agoraphobia (fear of open places) extremely oversensitive especially to pain, suppurates, abscess, splinter like pains, < vinegar esp sour, fat cheese), Desires old or (sour discharges from odours offensive CROUP, impulses, violent cold, uncovering, winter, draft, > heat"
"bites, puncture wounds, gout (esp. knees and feet), better cold, black eye, weak ankles, rheumatic pains from below upward, rheumatisms ascends, face mottles puffy bloated, long time ecchymosis, Podagra(gout of big toe or feet) SPRAINS, < ICE COLD PACKS OR BATH, DISSATISFACTION, MOROSE, HATRED, MISANTHROPY "
Latrodectus mactans
"angina, myocardial infarction,(pain in chest radiating down left arm causing numbnes and coldness, ""almost nitoglycerine like""extreme anxiety,
"Sensitive, sympathetic, impressionable, gullible, affectionate, easily reassured (> consolation), affectionate, "too open" (problems with boundaries, clairvoyance, scatteredness); loses vital energy/fluids easily (hemorrhages, hypoglycemia; dehydration/collapse); full of fears - dark, death, T storms, alone, future; self love, self centered; < cold in gen, twilight; burning pains, weakness from hunger, sensitive to odors, hot hands; thirsty cold water, stomach pain < warm food or drink (vomits cold water once it warms up); > sleep, rubbing; (+) fresh air; recurring URIs, every cold settles quickly in chest; < lying left side (or painful side); hoarseness, gastritis, HAs with increased appetite; (+) salt, spice, ice cream, chocolate, rice, milk, carbonated drinks (esp Coke), wine; ( ) fruit, < garlic, salt"
""vegetable Merc" (compare Phytolacca), disorientation, anxiety in stomach, everything vexes; chilly to the bone, < suppressed eruptions, night, warmth of bed; eczema thick crusts, cracking, purulent discharge, intolerable itch, ulcers itch & burn; SRP - eruptions in stocking/glove distribution; eruptions after vaccination; (+) fat, ham fat"
Nat Phos
"Too closed to be Phos and too fearful to be Nat-m; fearful, refined, nervous weakness, sourness, yellow discharges, undue stiffness; (+) fried food, salt < sour food; yellow coated tongue/base/throat; HA during T storm; SRP - urge to pee or poop after sex; nocturnal emissions which aggrav; sexual dreams; contracture of tendons (Dupuytren's)"
"weakness, inflated, ego, cowardness, avarice , inferiority, low self esteem, introverted/bullying/domineering, weeps from being thanksed. reverse letters words(dyslexic) chilly right side 4 8PM, agg from fasting, morning, >open air though chilly, appears anxious, deep furrows brows, STAGE FRIGHT, adverse company yet dreads being alone, right to left, gastrointestinal, excessive flatulence, red sand in urine, impotence and premature ejaculation, constipation since puberty,one foot/hand colder than other, cracks on heels, intellectually keen, weak physical, fear of breaking down under stress, PSORIC (TRI MIASMATIC) "
Mag Phos
"frantic with pain, can't think clearly, irritable, oversensitive, ( ) mental exertion, drowsy trying to study, cramping muscles with radiating pains, neuralgias > warm; tired, exhausted; twitching muscles, growing pains, wandering pains, < night, cold, > warmth, doubling up, pressure; pains sharp, cutting, stabbing, shooting, stitching; HA starting nape neck over head to above right eye"
"circulatory - Arterio/atherosclerosis, CVAs, angina - and neurological - hyperaesthesia, neuralgic pains radiating in all directions, nerve insensibility (to heat, pain, pricking); drawing contracting pains (umbilical colic > bending backward, hard pressure), contractures of tendons, wrist and ankle drop, tremors, spasms, twitching muscles, sensation of retraction (eyes, testes, nagel, anus)"
Nat Mur
"closed, over responsible, solitary, depressed even suicidal, dwells on past disagreeable stuff, easily wounded, < consolation, sad but can't cry, claustrophobia, grief and ailments from grief, < music; fastidiousness, guilt, defensiveness; aversion sex; objective, controlled on mental level but immature emotional level; fear robbers; unable to pee in front of others; (+) salt ( ) fat, bread, chicken < farinaceous; thirsty for cold; warm blooded; sleeps on left; < heat, sun, 10am, periodically > perspiration; migraines like hammers, HA from grief, sun, reading; coryza like egg white, herpes, lacrimation eyes > open air"
"(witch Hazel) circulations with extraordinary Weak Veins, Varicosities, Bleeding haemorrhoids, Epitaxis combined with Varicosities or hemorrhoids, Varicocele (varicose veins of the testes, vulva) Epitaxis and hemorrhoids or varicosities, hemorrhage of the eye, forgetful, depressed, irritable, craving pepper, coffee, stimulants, alcohol thrombophlebitis=swelling of a vein (phlebitis), often along with a blood clot (thrombosis)"
""vegetable Mercury" (compare Mez), glands; indifferent and shameless; stiffness < motion (between Rhus t and Bry), soreness, wandering pains, sudden stitching pains; recurring sinusitis, tonsillitis (dark red inflammation < right side > cold drinks), mastitis < left (pains radiate everywhere); < cold damp, night; painful dentition > clenching teeth; tendonitis or bursitis"
"HYDROPHOBINUM NOSODE OF Rabies, over acute senses, violent destructive outburst, ropey saliva, spitting, nerves, spinal cord, throat, sex organs, fear airplanes, insanity, something bad will happen, water, running water, driving, suffocation, aggravation from running water, from glistening/bright/dazzling objects or light, stooping, < heat of sun sight or sound of water, drafts, emotions, >bending backwards or gentle rubbing, History of rabies vaccine or animal bite (esp from immunized animal)throat choking, pain of difficult swallowing, urging for stool or urination from running water, excessive sexual energy"
Kali Bromatum
"fibroids, ovarian cysts, hyper sexual, antidotes lead poisoning, ACNE on forehead; acne leaves unsightly scars, SCYOTIC"
"haughty, affected, drama queen, idealistic, excessively passionate, contemptuous, rude, insolent, violent impulses, high sex drive, aversion kids, bored, fed up, dwells on past disagreeable stuff, moody; ailments disappointment; numbness, sensation of band (compare Anac); delusion she is taller than she is, is of royal blood; < heat, emotions, touch, evening > weeping, open air"
Kali Carbonicum
"sweat, backaches, weakness, arthritis, catarrhs, peptic ulcers, conservative, loyal, RIGID, chilly, intolerant of drafts, < 2-4am, Swelling of eyelids, cannot bear to be looked at, dread, anxiety or bruised feeling in epigastrium, will bring on menses when Nar M. fails, dislike change, stout or obese, kidney stones, delayed periods, fibroids, prostratis, delayed labor with intense back pain, low back pain< eyebrows Falling chest) hemorrhoids, kidneys, pains (throat, Stitching menses. during before sweets, constipation desires cough, sputum taste cheesy, sleeplessness, turn to rise bed. "
Nit Acidum
"Pissed and pest; discontented, self absorbed, pessimistic, oversensitive, extreme anxiety over health, self pities/blames others/holds grudges (unmoved by apologies); cursing; chilly, stitching/sticking/splinter like pains appearing and disappearing suddenly, offensive excoriating discharges (strong urine, like horse's); <2am and after (irritable in morning), slight touch > riding in car, hot applic; warts, fissures/cracks, esp at bends of joints; (+) salt and fat; ( ) cheese; indigest < milk"
"lump in throat, spasms, twitches, ailments after grief, after disappointed love, easily hurt feelings, fear of birds, hysteria, stormy relationships filled with recrimination, SIGHING, back spasms especially after grief, irresistible cough without signs of illness, perspiration only on face; perspires first on face or lip. Adverse fruit, craves cheese , dreams of water, complimentary to Nat Mur, phos acid. CANCER/PSORA"
" nerve injury, lacerations, pain after dental surgery, injuries to spine, sharp shooting pains, puncture wound, depression, suicidal, nostalgia, fears trouble with the police, SPR PHANTOM LIMB PAIN, arnica of the eye"
"POVERTY/LACK of energy, love, money, hope, etc; FORSAKEN; despair (in gen and of recovery), pessimism, tremendous anxiety, suicidal thoughts; fear failure, poverty; Chilly; offensive purulent discharges, canine hunger (< PM, preg); < cold damp, drafts, storms, suppressions > eating, lying down; head so cold, must wear hat all year; SKIN stuff (like a chilly Sulph), itching < night, heat of bed, scratch till it bleeds; frequent acute illnesses, feels esp well the day before attack"
"mania, rage with dancing, wild talking and laughing, exhibitionist, touches genitals openly, shamelessness, cursing, jealousy, suspicion, silly annoying behavior esp. in children, desire to kill (without acting on it) desire to masturbate in public, hypersexuality, bizarre gestures"
Kali bichromicum
"ropey"gluey"stringy postnasal discharge, sinusitis, conformist, irritable, gloomy, narrow minded,"gluey" rigid, closed, SYCOTIC"
"painlessness or painful sx's OR hyperaesthesia (like during drug withdrawal); ailments from fear (esp during preg) but can be heedlessly fearless; ailments from mortification, reproach, shame; withdrawal into inner world; poor sense of judgment; < emotions, fear, alcohol, sun, during sleep > cold, open air; head injury; dilated or constricted pupils, flushed face deep red or mottled purple, perspiration increased, other secretions decreased; constipation w/no urge; narcolepsy, overwhelming sleepiness or insomnia; respirat slow, noisy, obstructed; snoring, sleep apnea"
"simple, basic, earthy patient, weeps from music, skin, folds behind hears, dullness and anxiety, slow thinker, obesity, PQRS, honeylike discharges that dry into crystals, eruptions behind the ear, on scalp esp. occiput, cracks on lips and corners, Desires CHICKEN, aversion SWEETS, high sex drive, loss of erection during sex, herpes, callosities PSORIC"
Nat Ars
"anxiety & fears, sensitive, closed, fastidious, restless, chilly; burning GI pain << warm drinks; < winter, exertion, morning, smoke; thirsty; milk intolerant; photophobia; HA < reading, smoke inhalation; asthma < smoke, miner's lung; SRP empty GI sensation without hunger, eyeballs feel large when lids closed"
"forcible diarrhea w/gas, spluttering; <4am; yellow, pasty, bloody, rectal prolapse < sour fruit, liver pains > rubbing liver; sensation gurgling like fish pond, empty sinking after stool; pain/inflamm right ovary; HA alternating w/diarrhea; depressed"
Lillium tigrinum
"conflict between religious ideals and sexuality, hysteria ie (Relgious despairs alternates with sexual excitement), hurrried, must keep buy to repress desire hypersexual religious remorse, rage (makes everyone feel like walking on egg shells, despairs of salcation, nymphomania, must cross legs to avoid feelings that organs will fall out. rapis heart beat 150 170, palpitations during pregnancy, heart feels constricted as if grasped by iron band (also cactus) SYCOTIC "
"nausea, vomiting, haemorrhage, respiratory (asthmatic bronchitis, croup) rattling cough...with a concomitant action on the stomach. Tongue clean despite constant nausea, CONSTANT nausea unrelieved by vomiting, Uterine hemorrhage with starts suddenly with bright red blood, coming in rushes, often with nausea, vomiting and faintness. Bronchiolitis. SPR one hand cold, the other hot sensation, as if bones were broken."
Iris versicolor
"migraine remedy especially with visual disturbance, right, amaurosis/blurred vision before headache, vomiting with headache (no relief), Internal burning digestive tract from mouth to stomach, through to anus, excoriating diarrhea, shingles, psoriasis (right), < 2-3AM, discouraged, restless, laughing at his own actions, can't fix mind on mental studies"
"thyroid, prostration, emaciation despite voracious eating, hurried, nervous, restless, compulsive neurosis, hot and aggravated by heat or if activity is restrained. Excessive kind of impatience, goitre, atrophy of sexual organs, sensation of heart gripped (cactus) violent palpitations; acid leucorrhoea, undescended testes, eating, bites the nails TUBERCULAR"
Mag Carb
" quiet peaceful averse to quarreling; sour (taste, temper, sweat, secretions), oversensitive with flare ups; anxiety daytime > closing eyes in bed; weakness, fatigue; thirsty (water); (+) meat, sour, ( ) green veggies, milk, fruit; < cold winds/weather, night, menses > open air; griping, cutting colic (intest, uterine); green frothy "frog pond" stools; SRP - menses flow only at night or when lying, cease walking; unrefreshing sleep; failure to thrive"
"extremes, no bounds, impulsive, restless, hurried, cruel/withdrawn, absent minded, averse responsibility, delusion someone behind her, violent, nail biting; sleeps on abdomen or knee/chest; ailments suppressed gonorrhea, craves fresh air, chronic rheumatism, catarrh; < damp cold, daytime > evening, discharges, hard rubbing, seaside; (+) meat, fat, unripe fruit, oranges ( ) eggplant, thirsty cold drink; "itis" diseases; extreme sex drive, constant clearing throat, asthma, swollen ankles, sensitive hot feet, severe diaper rash"
"Stupefaction, mental dullness, apathy, mind answers slowly, weak memory, mind "blank" <4-8PM; PQRS SENSITIVE TO NOISES DURING A CHILL, HA as if head would burst on coughing, aversion apples, brow furrowed, wrinkle forehead, awkwardness, especially if he takes his mind off what he is doing(even to speak)"
Kali bromatum
"excessive, religious affections/delusions :feels he is singled out for divine wrath", conformist/proper, irritable, paranoia, numbness of whole body, no pain, warm, WRINGING, fidgety, restless, hands, fingers, Night terrors, somnambulism, insomnia from grief, insanity, despair of salvation, tremendous anxiety, sudden or electric like pains in back, sciatica, petit mal. Amnesia"
Mag Mur
"responsible (service & self sacrifice), peace maker, can't cope/confront; suppressed anger, can't watch violence, anxious (for others), duty, depressed, weary, mental fatigue, cramping (can't relax mental or physical), embittered, sour; chilly but (+) open air; sleep restless unrefreshing, uneasy in bed < closing eyes; < night, touch, morning, sea, milk, fat, salt, lying on rt side; pains > hard pressure (HA > tight bandage), open air (but not HA); sensitive to noise; pressing pain liver, colic from milk, fruit, fat, salt; (+) veggies, fruit; most unrefreshing sleep of all remedies"
Merc Corr
"acrid, corrosive, great straining, more intense than Merc sol; strong urging unrelieved urination; colitis, Crohn's, tenesmus unrelieved stool"
"duality, timid, duty, self-deprecation, brooding, left sided, chily; similar to Lachesis but hemorrage and sepsis nearly absent, cardiac sx's prominent; sensation two wills"
Nat Sulph
"depression with head injury; suicidal thoughts (hang or shoot self) but defers to sense of duty; least sensitive and most closed of Natrums; weeping from music; HA, confusion after head injury; (+) or ( ) yogurt; profuse yellow discharges; < dam weather, 4 5am > open air, stool; asthma, sinusitis, cholecystitis, hepatitis, condylomata, Hx gonorrhea, SYCOTIC"
Nux M
"Sleepy, giddy, unreal feeling, daydreaming, vanishing thoughts, space/time disorientation; fainting spells, dizziness, stubborn constipation, thirstless, dryness; < open air, cold, getting wet (esp feet), pregnancy (SRP - change of personality during preg)"
Merc Sol
"introverted, intense, suspicious, lack self confidence (internal trembling), seclusion, anxiety attacks with fear insanity, fear attack from behind, restless, internal hurry with slow action, instability, discontent, boredom, SYPHILITIC; tremors, night sweats, foul breath, discharges, excretions; tends to form pus, profuse discharges, swollen glands; tremors; chronic sore throats, otitis, stomatitis, gingivitis; < night, extremes of temperature, perspiration; imprinted tongue, metallic taste; (+) bread & butter ( ) sweet"
Merc iod rub
left-sided Merc

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