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Nursing Test 1


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the process whereby culture is transmitted from one generation to the next.
gradually incorporate aspects of the dominant culture.
there are no universal standards, everything is context dependent.
post modernism
behaviors and practices of people can only be judged from the context of their future.
cultural relativism
modifying ones culture due to contact with other contacts
intrusively applying the majority groups cultural view on people and families
cultural imposition or imperialism
the number of cases of a specific disease in existence in a given population at a certain time.
proportion of disease to health in a community
the frequency of death in a certain population or caused by a certain disease
the process through which individuals or groups are peripheralized on the basis of their identities, associations, experiences and environments.
to be free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice
equal distribution of services regardless of need. Goal is equal distribution of services.
services are provided based on need. goal is to reduce or eliminate health differences from factors that are avoidable or unfair.
art of healing without surgery or drugs; discover and correct all mechanical disorders in human machine and direct recuperative power within the body to cure the disease.
osteopathic medicine
`form of healing by touch
prejudgement; an attitude or opinion formed without adequate reasons; oftentimes unfavorable based on fautly reasoning.
legally binding documents that you can sign to specify the kind of treatment you want/do not want to be given if you cannot decide
advance directives
a document that allows you to tell your physician what to do if you are permanently unconscious or terminally ill. You can only say what you dont want.
living will
someone thats your agent and makes decisions for you. you can give specific rules or limitations.
health care power of attorney

spells out in order, who can make important health care decisions for patients who cant for themselves
health care consent act

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