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The U.S. largest Indian reservation by size and population, Navajo Nation occupies the northeast corner of what state?
The setting for a 2005 animated movie, Madagascar is located off the coast of what African nation?
Topping the British charts in 2005, Crazy Frog's "Axel F" is the first hit to be based on what unusual source?
Cell phone ring tone
In 2005, "runaway bride" Jennifer Wilbanks fled thousands of miles to what city before turning herself in?
Suffered by marathoners, hyponatremia is a serious medical condition that occurs if you do what?
Drink too much water
Which of these letters appears just once in the eleven-letter first name of Secretary of State "Condi" Rice?
Before he became a menacing villain, Harry Potter's archenemy Lord Voldemort had what name?
Tom Riddle
What "Star Trek" spinoff was cancelled in 2005, depriving Trekkies of original episodes for the first time in 18 years?
Which of the following is not true about da Vinci's Mona Lisa?
Her arms are bare
What was the real first name of former Congressman and erstwhile Cher companion "Sonny" Bono?
On the final episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond," Ray undergoes surgery to have what removed?
An antimacassar is a decorative piece of cloth most often used to protect what pieces of furniture from stains?
Site of an 1883 volcanic eruption that was heard thousands of miles away, Krakatoa is an island located in what country?
What explorer's memoirs, known as "Il Milione," had critics who claimed it was full of a million lies?
Marco Polo
In 2004, Paige Davis from "Trading Spaces" played against type with a sultry role in what Broadway show?
What pasta's name literally means "little turnips" in Italian?
On the TV series "Lost," one of the castaways is the bassist for a fictional rock band named what?
Drive Shaft
On TV's "The Apprentice," what is the named of the receptionist who tells contestants "Mr. Trump will see you now"?
In 2005, what actress became the first celebrity to win a tournament at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas?
Jennifer Tilly
What type of cloud's upper layer usually consists of an anvil-shaped formation called a "thunderhead"?
A mere 8.6 light-years from Earth, what is the brightest star in the night sky?
In a 2005 Vanity Fair interview, the ex of what newly bleached blond star quipped, "Billy Idol called, he wants his look back."
Brad Pitt
A popular type of salsa, pica de gallo gets its name from a Spanish phrase meaning what?
Rooster's beak
A mixture of clamato juice and vodka, one of Canada's most popular cocktails is called the "Bloody" what?
In the 2005 hit song "Hollaback Girl" Gwen Stafani repeatedly spells out what word?
Due to its home base, what corporation does the media call the "Beast of Bentonville"?
Resistant to breaks of fractures, what is the strongest bone in the human body?
Julia Child's illustrious career was jumpstarted by the publication of her 1961 book "Mastering the Art of" what?
French Cooking
Prized for its silk-producing abilities, the silkworm is the larva of what type of insect?
Iran-Contra figure Oliver North was a Lieutenant Colonel in what branch of the military?
Sophie Kinsella's best-selling chick-lit series began with her 2001 novel titled "Confessions of a" what?
The 2004 Presidential election came down to who would win what swing state’s 20 electoral votes?
According to the American Kennel Club, what has been them most popular purebred dog in the U.S. for 15 straight years?
Labrador retriever
What U.S. company is the subject of the 2005 documentary ironically subtitled "The Smartest Guys in the Room"?
Composed mainly of hydrogen and helium, which of these planets is considered a "gas giant"?
When measuring liquid volumes, a gallon is equal to about how many liters?
Days after President Bush's reelection in 2004, U.S. troops began a full-scale assault on what Iraqi city?
Produced at 36 printing plants across the country, USA Today's editorial offices are based in what state?
Which of these wartime Presidents was a member of the peace-advocating Quaker religion?
Richard Nixon
A well-known "sensitive" variety of what plant closes its leaves in response to a person's touch?
The TV series "Grey's Anatomy" follows the lives of five medical interns working at a hospital in what city?
In March 2005, Dan Rather concluded his final show as a CBS news anchor with what familiar one-word sign-off?
What noted actor narrates the 2005 hit documentary "March of the Penguins"?
Morgan Freeman
According to his company's CEO, Steve Ballmer, what mogul gets four million E-mails a year, most of it spam?
Bill Gates
In 1990, George HW Bush signed a bill naming the U.S. Interstate system after what President?
Dwight Eisenhower
A recipe popular during WWII "Mock Apple Pie" substitutes what ingredient for apples?
Ritz crackers
Frequently dyed to make it seem more valuable lapin is the fur of what animal?
Patented in 1909 by Leo Baekeland, Bakelite was the world's first entirely synthetic version of what material?
Coffee beans are actually the pits of a sweet-tasting fruit called what?
Coffee cherry
An earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale is how many times greater in magnitude than one measuring 5.0?
When their perimeters are of equal length, which of these shapes always has the largest area?
According to its mission statement, what preacher's Oklahoma university was "founded in the fires of evangelism" in 1963?
Oral Roberts
Named for its distinctive coloring, the blue-winged teal is a type of what bird?
What classic board game pieces include Generals, Scouts, Spies, and Flags?
Based on a popular style from the '50s, a tea length wedding dress has a hem that usually falls where on the body?
In the 2005 movie “War of the Worlds,” a dad and his two kids must flee as the aliens pulverize his hometown in what U. S. state?
New Jersey
Measuring up to 18 meters long and weighing over 10 tons, what is the largest fish on Earth?
Whale shark
The 1997 movie "My Best Friend's Wedding⬝ features a memorable sing-along rendition of what Dionne Warwick hit?
I Say A Little Prayer
Named for the French widow who first produced it, Veuve Clicquot is a popular but pricey brand of what?
What small US city is home to the world-famous Mayo Clinic, a facility that treats over 1 million patients each year?
Rochester, MN
In her first acting gig since having twins, Julia Roberts stars in the 2005 video for what band's song "Dreamgirl"?
Dave Matthews Band
In track and field, the triple jump consists of three distinct moves performed in what order?
Hop, skip, and jump
By definition, which of these popular craft hobbies involves the use of a hooked needle?
In China, what color is traditionally worn at funerals as a symbol of mourning?
A figure skater performs a single axel by jumping into the air and rotating a total of how many degrees?
In the USDA grading system the highest quality beef falls into what catagory?
In 2005 the media adopted what movie inspired nickname for Jude Law’s matronly and well behaved new nanny?
Mrs. Doubtfire
The lines "you are a rose" and "you are like a rose" demonstrate the difference between what two literary devices?
Metaphor and simile
Which of these words cannot be played in a standard game of Scrabble because the game lacks the tiles for it?
Upon marrying, what First Lady didn't need to take her husband's name because it was already her last name?
Eleanor Roosevelt
Invented by Vladimir Zworykin, the iconoscope and kinescope were precursors of what modern-day invention?
What successful tech company was founded in 1984 by a college student in his University of Texas dorm room?
Dell Computers
In the original version of Trivial Pursuit what category is represented by the color yellow?
One of at least 50 children born to a construction mogul, Osama bin Laden was, until 1994, a citizen of what country?
Saudi Arabia
Used during surgery, a hemostat is a medical instrument designed to do what?
Stop bleeding
A standard Rubik's cube features how many individual squares on its surface?
Bill Clinton's 2004 bypass surgery required a transplant of the saphenous vein, which is located where in the body?
Meaning arrogant or disdainful, the word "supercilious" comes from the Latin word for what?
In the U.S., what is the earliest calendar date on which Memorial Day can fall?
May 25th
Carrots are often said to be good for the eyes because they enable the body to create what nutrient?
Vitamin A
The 2005 bestseller "Why Do Men Have Nipples?" is subtitled "Hundreds of Questions You'd Only Ask a Doctor" when?
After Your Third Martini
The site of a historic 1859 abolitionist raid, Harpers Ferry is a small town in what state?
West Virginia
In the classic children's book "Where the Wild Things Are," Max wears what kind of animal suit?
What unit of measure is still based on a century-old platinum-iridium cylinder maintained near Paris, France?
In the liberal-bashing best-seller "100 People Who Are Screwing Up America," who is listed as number one?
Michael Moore
In 2005, what city elected Antonio Villaraigosa as its first Hispanic mayor since 1872?
Los Angeles
While the city of St. Louis is in Missouri, the neighboring East St. Louis is in what state?
What magazine, which published its thousandth issue in 2005, run over 100,000 jokes in its 83-year history?
Reader's Digest
Musicians commonly use the slang term "woodshedding" to refer to what activity?
Heard during the opening of TV's "Laverne and Shirley," "schlimazel" is a Yiddish word meaning which of the following?
Unlucky person
Jodhpurs, a style of long pants worn by horseback riders, take their name from a city in what country?
Which of these countries does not border Iraq?
In Christopher Reeve's "Superman" movies, what geometric shape surrounds the "S" logo on his chest?
In a clever, albeit geeky, reference to the number pi, what tech company issued 14,159,265 shares of stock in 2005?
Which of these Oscar winners' parents were also both Oscar winners?
Liza Minnelli
In the U.S., which of the following has never been the cost of a standard first-class postage stamp?
35 cents
In 2005, what brand's "Real Beauty" ad campaign stood out by using photos of curvy "real life" women?
The United States has never issued an official declaration of war against which of these countries?
What retailer, which started out in 1978 selling military-surplus clothing, is now a division of Gap Inc.?
Banana Republic
On the equator, the length of a person's shadow is usually shortest at which of these times of day?
Education professor August Dvorak is famous for devising a more efficient layout for what modern device?
Typewriter keyboard
In July 2005, GQ magazine reported that Saddam Hussein was partial to which of these snacks while in prison?
Often appearing in the name of boats, the abbreviation "S.S." stands for what?
In 2005, a photographer was shot with a BB gun while staking out what celebrity's baby shower?
Britney Spears
On television's Desperate Housewives, which housewife became a widow at the end of Season One?
Which of these activities is most likely to result in income classified as a "capital gain"?
Selling a home
Which of these animal's eyes have horizontal, rectangular-shaped pupils?
Gustav Holst’s 1916 composition “The Planets” does not reference what planet, because it hadn’t been discovered yet?
The 2003 album “How the West Was Won” is a collection of vintage live music from what rock band?
Led Zeppelin
In physics equations, what letter is typically used to represent the speed of light?
Lynette Fromme, still in jail for attempting to assassinate President Ford, has what famous nickname?
Which of these musical instruments are also known as "tubular bells"?
Because it was supposedly set there, what television series' 40th anniversary was celebrated in 2005 by Cocoa Beach, FL?
I Dream of Jeannie
Because it contains no moisture and cannot expand, what gas is often used to inflate tires in NASCAR racing?
The ABC News show "Nightline" originated as a series of special reports on what story?
Iran hostage crisis
In geometry, which of the following is an example of a polyhedron?
What is the term for the tiny blood vessels that extend into the toenails of cats and dogs?
The quick
By definition, a maillot is what type of women's clothing item?
One-piece swimsuit
Appearing in over 2,600 periodicals around the globe, what is the world's most widely syndicated comic strip?
A major competitor of Microsoft Windows, the Linux operating system uses what animal as its mascot?
"Easy peasy" and "lovely jubbly" are some of the colorful expressions favored by what celebrity chef?
Jamie Oliver
Using a precise 100-point rating system, Robert Parker is one of the world’s most notable critics on what subject?
In a study completed in 2005, what animal was trained to “sing” a short, high-pitched version of the “Batman” theme song?
Indigenous to Central and South America, the bushmaster is a type of what animal?
Produced in France since 1849, Cointreau is a popular liqueur with what distinctive flavor?
To show national pride, Australian sports fans greet the chant "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie" with what rousing response?
Oi, oi, oi!
One half the electricity consumed in the U.S. is produced using what fuel source?
In the British royal family, which of the following is not the name of one of Prince Charles's three siblings?
For decades, what natural event has been depicted on the cover of L. Ron Hubbard's mega-selling book "Dianetics"?
Volcanic eruption
In the “Spider-Man” movies and comics, Peter Parker takes photos for what fictional New York paper?
Daily Bugle
The MTV Video Music Award trophy features an astronaut holding a what?
The highest number of U.S. states lie either partially or entirely inside what time zone?
In 2005, animal rights activists urged what country's palace guards to get rid of their famous bearskin hats?
United Kingdom
During mating season, what animal's males engage in high-speed, head-butting competitions?
Bighorn sheep
In the theme song to their TV series, who are described as "good ol' boys, never meanin' no harm"?
The Dukes of Hazzard
What 2005 movie's U.K. version was cut by eight minutes to edit out the sappy ending between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy?
Pride and Prejudice
A rich sauce used in Mexican cuisine, mole most commonly features which of these ingredients?
The five peace treaties that ended World War I were all signed in suburbs of what city?
Which of these countries is an island nation in the Pacific and not a country in Africa?
Papua New Guinea
Crystal differs from ordinary glass in that it contains an oxide form of what metal?
In 2005, what candy introduced a large "mega" variety with "adult-oriented" colors such as teal and maroon?
Because it lies mostly at or below sea level, which of these European nations is identified as one of the Low Countries?
Las Ramblas is a colorful, tourist-friendly promenade that runs through what famous city?
George H.W. Bush's presidential library is located on the campus of what Texas university?
Texas A&M
Due to the presence of a bitter chemical, which of the following are inedible when picked straight from the tree?
Bernard Herrmann's score for what Hitchcock movie features only stringed instruments?
Which of these actors did not appear in the 1982 teen movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"?
Tim Robbins
Character actor Hector Elizondo has appeared in every one of what director's 14 feature films?
Garry Marshall
What country's natural beauty is featured in the 1993 movie "The Piano"?
New Zealand
During standard time, what is the time difference between California and Hawaii?
Two hours
Martha Stewart served her prison sentence at a minimum security facility in West Virginia nicknamed what?
Camp Cupcake
What element's chemical symbol comes from the Latin word "natrium"?
"Firmament" is a fancy word for which of the following?
The sky
As a schoolboy, what renowned 20th century psychiatrist was nicknamed Kleck, meaning "inkblot"?
Hermann Rorschach
On the TV show "Lost," the castaways include a lottery winner, a rock star, a fugitive, and a dog named what?
When a shark swims near the ocean's surface, which of its fins is ominously visible above the water?
Dorsal fin
In 2005, what powerful Republican was indicted on criminal charges of money laundering and conspiracy?
Tom DeLay
In 2005, the College Board added to its SAT exam a new section called what?
What food item, supposedly bearing an image of the Virgin Mary, sold on E-Bay in 2004 for $28,000?
Grilled cheese sandwich
What state is home to an international airport named after its U.S. senator of 36 years, Ted Stevens?
Muskmelons are commonly sold in the U.S. under what more appetizing albeit inaccurate name?
In 2005, a Russian astrologer filed a $300 million lawsuit against what U.S. agency for interfering with her horoscope?
Due to its cross-shaped flower petals, which of these healthy veggies is classified as a "cruciferous" vegetable?
According to legend, which of these famous ancient Greeks was blind?
In humans, the injury-prone ligament often known simply as the "ACL" is located in what joint?
Passed by Congress in 1798, the Sedition Act focused on what problem?
Treasonous activity
Released on DVD in 2004, "THX 1138" is the little-known first film of what famous director?
George Lucas
Made by Steinway & Sons, the limited edition Rhapsody piano was designed in honor of what composer?
George Gershwin
Often compared to the iPod, many radio stations have switched to an automated, DJ-less format known as what?
Jack FM
In Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass," Alice exchanges words with which of these nursery rhyme characters?
Humpty Dumpty
What singer promotes fair trade, his pet cause, by wearing tape on his fingers and drawing an equal sign on his hand?
Chris Martin
SpongeBob SquarePants has a beloved snail named Gary that commonly makes what uncharacteristic animal sound?
Named for a trendy neighborhood in Japan, Harajuku Lovers is a fashion line launched in 2005 by what singer?
Gwen Stefani
After escaping slavery, Frederick Douglass launched an influential newspaper in New York named what?
The North Star
Because its meaning can evolve over time, what historic text is often referred to as a "living document"?
U.S. Constitution
What celeb wrote about being a granddad in the 2004 children's book "I Already Know I Love You"?
Billy Crystal
What does the "R" stand for in the common scientific acronym "laser"?
In fashion, the practice of making clothes bigger to make consumers feel slimmer is called what?
Vanity sizing
In 2000, the Clintons traded in the White House for a five-bedroom, four-bath in what upscale New York community?
Appearing at the end of many country names, the suffix "-stan" originates from what language?
In 2005, what singer launched the socially conscious fashion label Edun, which is "nude" spelled backward?
Which of these words comes from a Greek word meaning "a person who eats at someone else's table?"
What is the subject of the 2005 US postage stamp series that features works by Frank Gehry and Richard Meier?
With the help of the ciliary muscle, what part of the eye changes shape to help you focus on near or far objects?
On the TV sitcom "The Golden Girls," which of the "girls" was not a widow?
In 1950, what country's constitution abolished "untouchability" a tenet of its centuries-old caste system?
On TV's "South Park," Mr. Mackey is the guidance counselor who punctuates almost every sentence with what word?
In reference to the rich history of its setting, CBS's "Survivor: Guatemala" had what subtitle?
The Maya Empire
What 2005 film's official website invites visitors to learn about America's dependence on foreign oil?
Measuring screen width in relation to screen height, the "aspect ratio" of a standard widescreen TV is what?
Referring to an idea that is above criticism, the phrase "sacred cow" alludes to an important tenet of what religion?
During the historic 2005 elections in Iraq, voters' fingertips were dyed what color to prevent multiple voting?
Steven Spielberg's 2005 movie "Munich" recounts tragic events that took place in 1972 during what event?
Summer Olympics
What city's original name was a Spanish phrase meaning "Our Lady Saint Mary of the Good Winds"?
Buenos Aires
Which of these birds is named for the distinct, repetitive call that it makes?
Before their 2005 New York City debut, the Country Music Association Awards were always held in what Southern city?
As of 2006, the FDA is requiring Nutrition Facts labels to include what additional category?
Trans fats
"I'm not gonna be ignored, Dan" is a famous line from what 1980s thriller?
Fatal Attraction
When spoken out loud, which of these Internet abbreviations has more syllables that the term it abbreviates?
Which of these square numbers also happens to be the sum of two smaller square numbers?
In 1998, Intel replaced Westinghouse as sponsor of a famous high school competition in what field?
What part of Ralfe Fiennes' face was digitally removed for his portrayal of Lord Voldemort in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"?
A pattern representing "X" and "Y" in telegraphic code is featured on the cover of what band's 2005 album?
The logo for the human rights group Amnesty International features barbed wire wrapped around what?
Featured in the memorial poem "In Flanders Fields," what flowers are commonly associated with war veterans?
Often used in French, what pronunciation mark is always placed under a letter and never above it?
In a memorable song, what hit Broadway musical reminds its audience that "a year comprises 525,600 minutes"?
Once known as "Indian saffron," what spice commonly gives curry dishes their distinctive yellow color?
In 2005, what sports league unveiled a more conservative, "business casual" dress code for its players?
In September 2005, what Arab country held its first multi-candidate presidential election in its history?
Nick Carraway, a young Midwesterner, is the narrator of what classic American novel?
The Great Gatsby
Founded in 1967, the American Cetacean Society focuses on the conservation of which of these animals?
The Spanish-language TV program "100 Mexicanos Dijeron" is the Mexican version of what game show?
Family Feud
What historic age is commonly divided into three periods" the Paleolithic, the Mesolithic and the Neolithic?
Stone Age
In what language are letters such as "s" and "p" often silent when they come at the end of a word?
In a 2005 interview with Oprah, Kirstie Alley attributed her dramatic 55-pound weight loss to what activity?
On motorboats, the outboard motor is usually mounted where on the boat?
Because it violated a policy barring the sale of used underwear, whose jewel-encrusted bra was removed from eBay in 2005?
Britney Spears
Popular in Greek cuisine, tzatziki is a dip traditionally made of yogurt and what vegetable?
At 1,670 feet, Hawkeye Point is the tallest spot in what U.S. state?
Which of these healthy edibles is a type of algae?
Before it became a U.S. territory, the island of Guam was ruled for centuries by what country?
Which of these countries lies partly in Europe and partly in Asia?
Petrology is the study of what natural resource?
On the 1970s sitcom "Welcome Back, Kotter," what is Mr. Kotter's first name?
What classic Broadway musical opens with a group of aspiring performers singing "God I hope I get it! I hope I get it"?
A Chorus Line
Named for botanist William Forsyth, forsythia is an early-blooming shrub known for bearing what color flowers?
Due to its unique natural setting, "Ithaca is gorges" is a popular slogan at what Ivy League school?
By definition, a cataract is what type of natural formation?
When it redesigned its combat uniform in 2004, the U.S. Army dropped what color from its camouflage patterns?
Which of these words was originally defined as "the final shot in an archery contest"?
A two-year hiatus in the space shuttle program ended with what shuttle's launch in July 2005?
Able to travel over 7,000 m.p.h., the world's fastest aircraft is a NASA jet known by what name?
In 2005, what fast food chain bucked health trends by introducing the 740-calorie Enormous Omelet Sandwich?
Burger King
"God is dead" is a widely-quoted line taken from the works of what famous philosopher?
Friedrich Nietzsche
In RCA's classic logo, what breed of dog is shown attentively listening to a phonograph?
Fox terrier
The hugely successful TV show "American Idol" is based on a British program called what?
Pop Idol
In cooking, the process of heating butter to remove its milk solids is called what?
Imitating Tom Cruise, what actress jumped up on the couch on "Ellen" in 2005 while discussing her beau, Stuart Townsend?
Charlize Theron
What author's previously unknown play, "Beat Generation," was found in a New Jersey warehouse in 2004?
Jack Kerouac
On January 27, 2003, what Fortune 500 company changed its name to Altria Group?
Philip Morris
In the U.S., a standard stick of butter is equal to how many cups?
In 2005, Russell Crowe apologized on "Letterman" for hitting a hotel clerk in the face with a what?
In 2004, Wal-Mart stores refused to carry George Carlin's controversial book titled "When Will Jesus" what?
Bring the Pork Chops?
A popular European destination, the Riviera is a coastal region that runs through all but which of the following countries?
What popular teen TV series has inspired a line of T-shirts reading either "I'm a Seth girl" or "I'm a Ryan girl"?
The O.C.
In 2005, Britney Spears and her husband got needed exposure with a reality show that had what one-word subtitle?
As of 2005, the federal minimum wage is how much per hour?
According to the title of a 2005 bestseller, "French Women Don't" do what?
Get Fat
In what summer slasher flick does Paris Hilton display her range as a party girl who takes a pole through the head?
House of Wax

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