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Committee on Premanent Organization
selects the permanent chairperson and other officials for the convention
white land owning men
all white men
Voting Rights Act of 1965
a law designed to help end formal and informal barriers to African-American suffrage
Election Day
the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November
cross-pressured voter
one who is caught between conflicting elemints in their life
urging voters to support a candidate because everyone else is
"plain folks"
identifying the candidate as "just one of the common people"
FECA 1971
limit spending of candidates, limite donations from people
using ideas, information, rumors to influence opinion
citizens of all races & gender, 18+
authoritarian gov't
power through force
one-party systems
the party = the gov't, all ballot members from the party
Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act
targeted use of issue advocacy advertising and use of soft-money to nat'l political parties
Credentials Committee
approves delegations from each state
straight-party ticket
select candidates of their party only
24th amendment
1964, don't have to pay a poll tax to vote in nat'l elections
Political Action Committees (PACs)
organizations established by interest groups to collect money and provide financial support to favored candidates/party
a person appointed or elected to represent others
campaign manager
manages campaign of a candidate
associating a patriotic symbol with a candidate
absentee voting
voting without going to the polls on Election Day
grandfather clause
only voters whose grandfathers have voted before 1867 can vote without paying poll tax/taking literacy test
citizens of all races and genders
nat'l convention
delegates select ticket for Nov. election
poll taxes
pay to vote and for previous years of voting
men of all races
26th amendment
1971, changed voting age to 18 from 21
Platfrom Committee
writes the party's platform, spells out how the party intends to deal with these issues
"card stacking"
giving only one side of the facts to support a candidate's position
Federal Election Commission
a six-member bipartisan agency that enforces and administers campaign finance laws
neither Republican or Democratic
literacy test
take test to prove eligible to vote
19th amendment
1920, women can vote
15th amendment
1870, other races can vote
Rules Committee
governs the way its convention is run (rules, order of business)

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