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Article 1
establishes legislative branch
Article 2
creates executive branch
Preamble, Articles, Amendments
What are the 3 main parts of the constitution in order?
veto override
two- thirds of each house
Article 7
addresses ratification and declares that the constitution would take effect after it ratified
Six Principles
popular sovereignty, checks and balances, federalism, judicial review, separation of powers, limited government
Which part of the constitution were the three branches of government named?
Article 6
contains supremacy clause
Which section of the Constitution is responsive to the needs of a changing nation?
What part of the constitution did the founders list six goals of American Government?
power divided between nation and state
What power does the president have that allows him to check congress?
popular sovereignty
Rule by the people
Article 4
explains relationship to one another and to the national government
Supreme Court
What branch of government is the final authority on the Constitution?
Article 3
establishes a supreme Court
Purpose of Amendments
Provides a way this document, written 2 centuries ago, can remain responsive to the needs of a changing nation
Article 5
spells out the ways that the Constitution could be changed

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