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Something Wonderful Trivia


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What was Alexandra's mother's name?
Felicia Gimble
What did Alexandra say she would wear on Queen's Race Day?
Is it a diamond pendent shaped like a tear?

check to see it right
What was the name of the footman who died from the poisioned port?
How many offers for Alex's hand did Roddy tell Jordan that Tony had received?
That would be six dozen offers for her hand.
Exactly what parts of the suit of armor did Alexandra wear to that mock joust?
she is only taking a shield, the helmet, the lance and the breastplate.
What was the name of the boat Alexandra and Jordan were on when he was kidnapped?
Fair Winds
How many languages does Alex speak fluently?
Who was struck down by the ghost of Machiavelli?
Lord Ponsonby
When is Jordan's birthday?
His birthday is June 27, 1786
What is Alex told Jordan hated doing and has never passed up?
Jordan hated sharing his toyes and he never passed on a challenge
Who was Tony thinking about marrying?
Sally Farnsworth.
What did Jordan realize was "an unexpectedly pleasurable pastime"?
the study of cloud formations
Anger blows out the lamp of the mind...
Who taught Alex how to sail?
Alex says that in the springtime everything is what two colors?
green and black
What does Alex say being in love feels like?
She felt queasy like she'd just eaten eels
When Jordan was younger he saved the head groom of Hawthorne from...what?
Jordon saved the head groom from drowning.
How long has Ramsey been with the Duchess of Hawthorne?
For forty years.
What is Jordan's London address?
No. 3 Upper Brook Street
Name and describe Alexandra's horse she rode to her friend's house.
His name is Thunder and he's "a swaybacked, evil tempered gelding who was older than she was and who had belonged to her grandfather."
What does Tony tell Alex her life is lacking?
What did the Corinthian set admire about Alex?
Her beauty and "skill with a rapier"
How many previous Dukes of Hawthorne were there?
11 - he is the 12th
What were Jordan and Filbert drinking the night Filbert reveals some of Alexandra's past to Jordan?
Who owns a gaudy diamond bracelet?
Maryanne Winthrop

Actually - Jordan bought her a necklace and Alexandra said she would make sure to spell her name correctly if she ever decided to send her a gaudy bracelet to match, so maybe I have it wrong.
Alexandra asked Jordan:
"Is that a natural talent that the nobility is born with, or is it a skill you acquire later...?" What was she referring to?
Jordon's glance. (That thing he did with his eyes)
How long was Alex's grooming and dressing preparations for her wedding to Jordon?
3 hours
How big was Hawthorne estate?
Is it 50,000 acres
Who taught Alex to fence?
Her father
What was Alexandra's first birthday present(after she met Jordan)?
Jordan was her present.
Alexandra told Jordan that he becomes "positively grim" when he says what word?
Lord Fairfax thought Alexandra would act like what if Jordan would "Tighten her rein just a bit."?
She'd be as docile as a lamb.
When Roddy is talking to Alex, what does he call the Duchess?
our most esteemed icicle and a dragon.
Who did Alexandra have a duel with besides her father and Jordan?
Lord Mayberry.
With the exception of Penrose and Filbert, how many servants were there at the London townhouse while Jordan and Alexandra were in attendance?
What was the name of Alex's half-sister?
Rose and she was excessively pretty.
Where did Alexandra have the small portrait of Jordan hung?
In the hallway outside her bedroom
How many "beginnings" did Alexandra and Jordan have?
At whose ball did Alex meet Melanie?
Lord and Lady Donleigh's Ball
What 3 things convinced Jordan that Alexandra had tried to kill him? (this one is easy)
1- same approximate height who shot him in Brook St.

2- because a scullery maid said Alex must had been the one to posion the wine.

3- the fact that Olsen followed Alex to Tony's house, and meet him "secretly"
Who was Jordon writing to in regards to his investment in The Citadel?
Sir George Bently
What was the name of horse Alexandra rode in her race at Gresham Green?
Where is this quote from:

"There is no fire like passion, no shark like hatred, no torrent like greed."
How long did Alex mourn for before making an appearance before the ton?
one year
Name the three people in line to inherit the dukedom if Jordan really had died.
Tony, then Bertie, then Roddy
What was Jordan convinced would be the only way to make Alex love him again?
Actions, not words, would be the only way to make her lower her guard and love him agian.
Who was sent to him room and to mediate on the Eighth Commandment?
What were the subjects of the two bets placed between Lord Thornton and Earl Stanley?
8 months ago Jordan noted derisively, young Lord Thornton had bet $1,000 that his young friend Earl Stanley would take to his bed with a stomach ailment two months later, on Dec. 20.

On Dec. 19, Thornton had bet Stanley $100 that he couldn't eat 2 dozen apples at one sitting.

Stanley won that bet. But he lost $1,000 the next day. 280
What does Alex think of shopping?
Alex thinks its tedious.
What were the odds of Alex putting her ribbon on Jordon's arm at the Queen's Race?
The odds were four to one in favor of her tying her ribbon on the Hawk's arm.
What was the total number of outriders that went with Jordan and Alex to Hawthorne
What time was supper at Hawthorne?
Alexandra left her room at nine, the appointed hour for supper.
What exactly did Uncle Monty say when he was first introduced to Jordan for the first time by Alexandra?
He said "Good God! It is Hawthorne, by Jove! It truly is." Then he introduced himself!
What infuriated Jordan most about Alexandra's suitors?
Irrationally, the thing that infuriated him the most was that they called her "Alex".
What color was the gown that Alexandra wore to Lord and Lady Wilmer's Ball?
Shimmering aquamarine chiffon.

so aquamarine.
For how many days did the Dowager Duchess and Alexandra keep vigil before they were informed of Jordan's demise?
three days
How big is the paws of Alex's dog?
The size of dinner plates
What did Alexandra feel Jordan thought she was less important than?
Than Lord Wedgeley's two-year-old mare or Sir Markham's promising colt
What is Jordan's full name and titles?
Jordon Addison Matthew Townsende

the 12th Duke of Hawthorne
Marquess of Landsdowne
Viscount Leeds
Viscount Reynolds
Earl Townsende of Marlow
Baron Townsende of Stroleigh, Richfield, and Monmart
At who's ball did Alex make her debut?
Lord and Lady Wilmer's Ball
When Jordan said: "Tell me something. Have you always been like this?" What did he mean.
"A blight on peace"
What's the name of the village near Hawthorne?
The village of Winslow!
How many people were at Lady Weatherford-Heath's ball?
Lady Weatherford-Hearth gave aball for eight hundred people, followed by a supper consisting of no less than forty-five different dishes.
What two authors did Lord Ponsonby confuse when talking to Alexandra?
Socrates to Horace...and Horace to Machiavelli
What was the wager Jordan and Alexandra made?
For three full months, Alex must be the most obedient, loving, biddable wife.

Alex needs to be "agreeable" that she no longer wish to leave Jordon. If Jordon fails, Alex may leave at the end of three months.

he also said if she decided to leave he would give her half a million pounds.
What color are the roses that covered the arch that marked the entrance to the formal gardens?
The roses are red.
How many words were on the list Alexandra presented to Jordan of his paramours?
What did Sally Farnsworth ask Anthony in her note?
To see her in London. He did and she proposed.
How did Alexandra 'shatter' Jordan's ego?
Because she catch a bigger fish than he did.
How did Alexandra hurt Jordan's pride?
She left his bed in the middle of the night
Why was Alex mad about Jordan lecturing "her" on manners and propriety?
". . .just fawned over your precious paramour with your own wife standing there."
According to Fawkes, what are the two most common motives for murder?
Revenge and personal gain.
If Jordon did poorly in a lesson, what would the instructor do to him?
Cane him
What two servants told Alexandra childhood stories of Jordan?
Gibbons and Smarth
What trait did Jordan say was a "rare virtue" in a woman
What did Alexandra think "must have been a special interest of Jordan's?"
Alexandra always tried to be what the loved ones in her life wanted her to be. What were these "roles" she played? (There are three.)
a son to her father
a parent for her mother and
for Jordan - a complete antidote.
Who did Alexandra take a gift to, to celebrate the birth of her baby?
Mrs. Little, the gamekeeper's wife
What did Jordan threaten Alexandra with to make her feel "gauche and helpless"?
Threatened to spank her like a child.
What will put Melanie into a violent decline?
the site of a harp
How long was Jordan in Spain fighting for the English army?
Four years
Who said , "She makes me want to know everything about her...."
Lord Merriweather
Who says "Conventionality is the refuge of a stagnant mind"?
When did Jordan break his arm?
He was 8 or 9 and it happened when he fell off his horse, thanks to his a-hole father.
What is Jordan's favorite spot at Hawthorne?
Tha pavilion at the far edge of the lake.
How long was Alex's & Jordon's marriage before he was kidnapped?
4 days
What was the name of the Prince Regent?
How many days did the duchess not eat when they were waiting to hear any news on Jordon?
Five days.
What did the Dowager Duchess hope Anthony had told Jordan about his almost marriage to Alexandra?
She hoped he told Jordan that his marriage to Alex was an "expedient measure"
What does Jordan always do before supper?
always partakes of a glass of sherry in the drawing room before supper at 8:30 and dinner at 9:00.[330]
What was the name of Alexandra's groom?
OLSEN was her "appointed personal groom"!
How many servants were there at Hawthorne?
What did Alexandra wear to Jordan's birthday party?
a blue muslim gown trimmed with wide cream ribbon at the full sleeves & hem
a sky blue bonnet
What's the name of Alex's Dog?
Henry - after Henry VIII
What did Jordan break when he thought Alexandra was guilty of trying to murder him?
a gold and crystal brandy decanter.
What did Jordan judge at his birthday party? (there are 3 things)
The plumpest poultry
The best trained dog
The most promising pig
What is the promise Melanie makes to Alex before going to see Roddy after Jordan's return?
That she wouldn't do anything without telling Alex first.
How did Jordan "insult" Alexandra when they were first married? (3 things)
never bothered to bow to her, kiss her hand, or treat her solicitously
Who did Alexandra think was the dearest kindest man alive and why?
OK, I found it! Page 251~ Alex thinks Tony is the dearest, kindest man alive because not only did he tell Jordan that he had to marry Alex because London's most eligibles were making nuisances of themselves offereing for her hand, quarreling over her and hatching schemes to abduct her- BUT he also wanted to see Jordan's reaction to what he said, because that would be more satisfying than having someone else tell him!
What combination of traits does Jordan's grandmother attribute to Alex?
candor, gentleness, determination, and courage
What did Alexandra's grandfather hope she would do?
he hoped she would teach the children to read and write.
What portrait did Jordon say Alexandra looked like?
A Gainsborough
What is found laying on the bureau in the master suite at Hawthorne?
Onyx-backed brushes
Who spells their first name with a 'y' rather than an 'i'?
Maryanne Winthrop
According to Jordan, all women are what?
Bored, amoral, and frivolous
What was Jordan's reward for assualting a guard?
He was chained the rest of the reward was three or four
broken ribs, a battered face and a back that looks like raw meat.
What is the name of Jordan's secretary?
Alex has two favorite places in Hawthrone, what are they?
The long gallery and the schoolroom
Jordan was willing to let Alexandra remain the Duchess of Hawthorne as long as she did what?
if Alex behaved
What did Jordon call Alex,when he found out that she was marrying Tony, who was the current Duke of Hawthrone at the time?
she was a sheming opportunist
What was important to Jordan when he escaped?
It was important for Jordan to know what time he spotted the English troops which meant freedom and home!
In the interest of....what was no sacrifice too great for Jordan?
In the interest of "modernization," (redesigning Alex's bedchamber to include a large bathing room) letting Alex sleep with him in his own bed was the "sacrifice" Jordan was willing to make.
On what street was Jordan's grandmother's townhouse located?
Gloucester Street
How old is the Dowager Duchess?
What was it about Alexandra that made Jordan's "spirits soar"?
her muscial laughter
How much did Hastings bet..on Alex that she will give Hawk her ribbon to wear in the Queen's Race?
$1,000 lbs
How long had Alexandra's father been dead when she met Jordan?
3 years
From whom was Mrs. Lawrence hoping for marriage proposal for Alex?
Will Helmsley.
According to Alex, Jordan thought he married what kind of female?
a complaisant, adoring female who would rush to do his tiniest bidding
Jordon's sweet violence kiss had wreck havoc to Alex's what? (Name three things)
It wreaked havoc on her body, her soul and her heart
How did Jordan describe Alexandra's hair and skin?
her hair sparkles in the sunlight like dark honey and her skin is soft as a peach.
"If being wealthy costs you the right to relax and enjoy life, then the price of wealth is altogether too high"
something she said
What is the prevailing custom amongst Society that is adhered to at Hawthorne
it is that if any open wine that is not drunk at the table goes to butler for his own use, or he can give it to someone else. This is how Nordstrom ended up poisoned.
What job did they use for Fawkes cover?
Assistant bailiff
Jordan asked Alexandra if she had always been like what?
Is it a blight on peace
The Dowager Duchess had urged Alex to dance with someone at the Donleigh's Ball. Who was he?
Lord Ponsonby
Alexandra had the notion that Jordan was what?
She had a "foolish, quixotic" notion that he was "noble and gentle and beautiful."
What was considered a "family taboo" to Jordan's family?
He disapproves of familiarity with servants. 337
Who was the only unmarried marquess in England?
To Jordan, Roddy is what? (2 things)
He was nothing but a distant acquaintance and an irritating gossip!
What did Alexandra tell Tony she could make Jordan do? (Took out all vagueness so I wouldn't torture you guys!)
She can make him laugh.
How often did Alexandra's father visit them and how long did he usually stay?
He returned only twice each year for two or three weeks.

Alex says he came two or three times a year and stayed a fortnight or so.
Alexandra said Jordan was handsome if you were drawn to what type of man?
"if one were drawn to dark, blatantly aggressive, wickedly sensual men."
How tall was Bertie?
one inch over six feet
What did Jordan say Napoleon would do for the Dowager Duchess?
He said that Napolean would be plumping up her pillows and begging her pardon fot his bed manners in making war on us.
According to Alex's grandfather, what are the two mistakes people make when it comes to marriage?
The first mistake is marrying the wrong person
the second mistake is denying any part of yourself or your love to him.
What is the address of Lord and Lady Donleigh's
No 45 Regent Street
Melanie Camden's friends thought Alexandra was what?
"veriest greenhead ever to appear at a London ball."
What animal did Anthony use to describe Roddy?
a bird that flits from tree to tree
What did Alexandra think was the most spledid estate in England?
How many happy hours did Alex spend seated in the Pavilion?
What was Alexandra's reaction to her first kiss from Jordan? (not when he kissed her on the forehead when she was hurt saving him)
Bewilderment & Disappointment
What does a young lady do when she is introduced to a person of superior age or rank?
When did the Dowager Duchess first call Alexandra by her given name? and what did she ask her?
When they ate together and she asked if she prays.
Before Alex found out that her dog was a boy what were the three names she said for his name?
Daisy, Petunia, and Buttercup
Jordan thought Hawthorne was what?
How many miles did Jordan and George Morgan have to walk to find the English troops that were going to rescue them?
50 miles
Describe the gate at the entrance to Hawthorne.
Imposing black iron gates bearing the Hawthorne coat of arms blocked the entrance
What did the wicked duke see that took his breath away?
Something Wonderful
Who did Anthony describe as "utterly unscrupulous"?
the Dowager Duchess
What was Roddy's magnificent gesture?
He told Jordan what Alex had been up to while he had been gone.
What is Jordan's favorite place at Hawthorne?
The pavillon
The Dowager Duchess warned Alexandra not to do what when she made her debut?
"Appreciation of your intellect to mislead you into saying anything tonight, which could make you appear bookish and intelligent. Gentleman do not like overeducated females."
The Dowager Duchess had asked Tony for a favor. What was it?
To marry Alexandra
Who said, "true beauty springs from the heart and dwells in the eyes?"
Alex's grandfather
Why does the duchess think she will be exposed for a trickster?
Because she is trying to get the creme de la creme of Society to accept a female without fortune, family connecions, or ancestry to recommend her.
According to Tony what were Jordan's father and mother in complete agreement on?
The superiority of their rank.
When Jordan was marrying Alex he didn't think of it as getting married, he thought of it as...what?
He thought of it as adopting a child.
Speaking one's mind was a privilege reserved for whom?
the "lower classes"
What are the four things that Anthony "usurped" from Jordan while he was gone? (according to Jordan)
His titles, his estates, his money and his wife.
How did Smarth know about the wager Alexandra made?
from John Coachman who heard it from Lord Hackson's groom the same afternoon it was writ in the book at Whites. 329
What reasons does Uncle Monty give for not drinking/liking claret (even if he was lying!)?
No bouquet, no body!
What did Alexandra tell the Dowager she wanted while Jordan was missing?
She just wants to be able to look into his beautiful eyes and see him smile
Why does Jordan think that Alex treats him with hostility?
She was sorry he wasn't dead.
Who gave Alexandra's grandfather his watch?
a Scottish earl.. who admired his knowledge of all things philsophical
How long does the Queen's Race last?
2 days
How old was Alexandra when she had to be responsible for her household?
"You can't just dispose of me like a -- a..."
a piece of furniture!
Jordan had 3 friends visit him the evening of his 'resurrection.' Who were they?
Lord Hastings, Fairfax, and Camden.
What did Ramsey do, that if Anthony knew he was going to do, Anthony would have asked him not to?
Ramsey announced Anthony as the Duke of Hawthorne. And for a moment, Alexandra thought Jordan had returned.
At whose ball did Alexandra meet Melanie Camden?
Lord and Lady Donleigh's ball
What is the sum of Alex's wager against Jordan?
The Duke of Hawthorne was bravely accused by who? that he broke what? and was trying to break what? This person also claimed the duke was worse than who?
The Duke of Hawthorne was bravely accused by Filbert that he broke Alex's heart and was trying to break her spirit. This person also claimed the duke was worse than Alex's father who only broke her heart.
Who said "What time are they doing it and where?" Who did this person say it to? And what was that persons' response?
Jordan said it to Mathison, his valet whose response was "In twenty minutes at St. Paul's."
what did hawk give alex for her birthday ? and what did she call it?
He gave her a puppy and she called it Henry
What reason did Alex give to Jordan for wanting an annulment of their marriage.
"I want an annulment because I don't like you."
Who was Jordan's 'companion' while he was a prisoner?
George Morgan
Jordan had been afraid to let himself hope Alexandra had known no other men based on what two facts?
Based on the accounts of her behavior during the last three months and on his own knowledge of the relaxed morals of the married women in his set.
What does Mary Ellen severly warn Alex not to do with Jordan under any circumstances?
She warned her not to discuss Socrates or Plato with Jordan.
Who are Jack Sanders, George Larson and Henry Beechley?
They are boys that Mary Ellen liked. Every six months she liked a different one of them.
Who is George Morgan?
The American that Jordan escaped with.
What four pieces of advice did the Dowager Duchess of Hawthorne pass on to Alexandra through Melanie?
when Alex realizes that Jordan arrives after he finds out about the wager and Melanie says that her grandmother says to pray not to choose tonight of all nights to overindulge for the first time in her life, and not to worry because, she says, Hawhtorne will know exactly how to act when he realizes Alex is there, and for Melanie to stick to Alex' side like glue and to not leave her no mather what happens that night.
In bed, Alex pleases Jordan. Out of bed, she _____________ him.

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