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English Final Exam


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directly or indiretly indirect- you draw your own conclusions. directly- tells you directly.
sequence of incidents or actions in a story.
can be internal or external. external- man versys man, man versus society, man versus machine, man versus nature. internal- man vs. self.
Point of View:
vantage point from which the story is told.
all-knowing. 3rd person, seldom second. you know what happened beforehand and what it led up to.
3rd person limited:
sees into action.
time and place of story. you can put youself, in the time and place; aura. lends itself to how the plot lays out.
what the story's about, the author's main and underlying message.
attitude writer takes towards his or her subject matter.
everything you need to know to understand the story.
everything that leads up to the turning point.
turning point, point of most emotional intensity.
Falling Action:
everything after turning point or climax.
scene in a story that interrupts story to tell what happened earlier.
discrepancy between what appears to be and what really is.
Verbal Irony:
What are the three forms of irony?
situational, verbal, dramatic.
you know before the characters.
stands for something larger than itself, but also as itself.
word or phrases authors use to create pictures or images.
author makes reference to a person, event, or place. can be from mythology, history, literature, religion.
comparison between 2 items alike in some ways but unlike in others.
character that opposes main character.
method author uses to acquaint a reader to characters.
conversation between two or more people in a literary work- used in development of characterization.
What is dialogue used for?
1. characterization of those speaking and spoken about. 2. creates mood or atmosphere. 3. advances plot. 4. develops theme.
entering fully into another's feelings.
takes place in an unreal world and has unreal characters.
character whose traits are opposite of those of another character's and which points up the strength or weaknesses of other characters.
a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in a line of poetry.
measure of feet in a line of poetry.
the use of hints of clues to hint at what will happen later.
way to categorize literary works.
makes a comparison between 2 things that are dissimilar.
metaphor w/ like or as.
figure of speech that combines opposite or contradictory ideas.
leading character in a literary work.
play on words based on similarity of sounds between 2 words w/ different meaning.
use of wit to ridicule a subject.
authors characteristic way of writing.
Who serves the Manettes in more than financial matters?
Jarvis Lorry
Who does some "flopping"?
Mrs. Cruncher
Who cobbles as a hobby?
Dr. Manette
What was a society of Revolutionists?
Jacue(s) or Jacqueret (sp???)
Who was a brilliant drunk?
Sydney Carton
Who embodies the revolting women?
Madame Defarge
Who "goes fishing"?
Jerry Cruncher
What group's knitting spells doom for the aristocracy?
Who is the object of rescue in A Tale of Two Cities?
Charles Darnay
Who once served Dr. Manette?
Who proves love is stronger than hate?
Miss Pross
Who is static but beautiful?
Who is the only one to note the identity of the doomed?
Who is a rich, uncaring snob?
Marquis St. Evermonde
Who dies with grass in his mouth?
Through Carton's coercion, who helps to save Darnay?
Who avenges his son's death?
Who lures Darnay to France?
Who is an arrogant pig who usurps Carton's brain?
CJ Stryver.
Who changes careers and becomes a revolutionist?
Road Mender-Wood Sawyer
Where is the location of the Darnay's home?
Old Bailey is the name of what?
a law court
What is Lorry's favorite saying?
"I'm a man of business."
How is Carton able to save Darnay twice?
He looks just like him.
Where was Dr. Manette imprisoned?
the Bastille.
Whose baby is the woman who Dr. Mannette treated pregnant with?
the Marquis St Evremonde's
What are the occupations of John Barsad and Roger Cly?
Who is Miss Pross the sister of?
John Barsad (Solomon Pross).
Who asks a request from Darnay to be allowed to visit when he pleases?
Jarvis Lorry is an agent of what?
Tellson's Bank.
What is the named of the Revolutionists' dance?
What is a name of a prison during the Reign of Terror?
La Force.
From the struggle with Madame Defarge, Miss Pross is permanently...
Who does Lucie's compassion and complacency foil?
Madame Defarge.
Quote: "Yes. The Family honour, sir, is safe from me in this country. The family name can suffer from me in no other, for I bear it in no other."
Darnay. He is talking to his ungle the Marquis, saying the family honor is safe, as he does not consider himself to be a part of the family.
"The prisoner was as open in confidence with me- which arose out of my helpless situation- as he was kind, and useful to my father. I hope I many not repay him by doing him harm to-day."
Lucie. she was at the trial testifying against Darnay near the beginning of the story, though she did not want to.
"Upon my life, ...I find that easier to comprehend in my own mind, than to convey to yours. However, let me try. You remember a certain famous occassion when I was more drunk than usual?"
Caton. he was speaking to Darnay, attempting to apologize for when he was being rude after the trial in the First Book.
"... you can have no conception of the difficulty with which our business is transacted, and of the peril in which our books and papers over yonder are involved."
Mr. Lorry. he was speaking of the business of Tellson's in Paris, that is was much worse there than in England.
Who is the author of Lord of the Flies?
William Gerald Golding
Which character has "assmar"?
Which group had terrible ritualistic dances?
the Hunters.
Who was a friend to the littluns?
What were the twins' names?
Sam and Eric
What was the beast?
a parachutist.
What was the symbol of power?
the conch.
Who can sing a C sharp?
What does the sow's head mounted on a stick become?
Lord of the Flies.
Who had a conversation with the sow's head?
What attracted the rescue ship to the island?
smoke from the fire.
When does Jack and Ralph's first disagreement occur?
when the Hunters fail to keep the signal fire going.
The Lord of the Flies tells Simon what?
that evil exists in every person.
What person is Lord of the Flies written in?
3rd person.
Where is the island located?
in the Pacific Ocean as a feature of Austrailia.
What is Piggy's head compared to at the end of the story?
the conch.
Who is tortured so that Jack can prove his authority?
symbolically, it rained after who died?
What do Jack and his hunters smear themselves with after each hunt?
blood and mud.
What was Ralph's dad's job?
naval officer.
What does Creepers refer to?
animals and bugs on the island.
Why do Jack and the hunters attack Ralph's group?
so they can steal piggy's glasses and start their own fire.
"I'm not going to play any longer. Not with you."
Jack. he was so upset that he didn't have control over the group, and it was shown through this last fight with Ralph during the meeting that split them into more than one group.
"After all we aren't savages really and being rescued isn't a game."
Ralph. he was one of the few boys who hadn't forgotten that they needed to be rescued. he was getting mad that Jack would rather hunt pigs and play games.
"What I mean is, maybe its only us."
Simon. he was first to discover that evil is present in all of them, and that they were unleashing it. The beast, of which he was referring to, is that evil.
has the potential for a tragedy but is essentially a comedy.
What are the themes of Much Ado?
villainy, friendship, parent-child relationships, society, customs, and class divisions.
Who is the youngest of the 2 Plantagenets in Ivanhoe?
Prince John.
Who is a descendant of regal Saxon lineage?
Who is the owner of Rotherwood?
Who is a fool in name only?
PJ's righthand man?
A palmer?
Refuses to wear his collar?
argues with DeBracy about piety?
De-Bois Guilbert.
Original owner of Torquilstone?
Wolfganger Torquil.
Could be suicidal if needed in Ivanhoe?
"Middle course betwixt good and evil"
Sings with lament from tower of Torquilstone?
Diabolical hell-dweller?
Front de Boef.
Clings tightly to his purse strings?
Knight with Fetterlocks?
King Richard.
Maiden fair with golden hair?
what is the Templar Order?
who is Lucas Beaumanior?
Grand Master.
Rebecca's teacher of potions and cures?
who switches sides to appeal to DeBracy?
Prince John. ???
Physically challenged messenger?
Athelstane's mom?
Teo reasons for Cedric's dismay toward his only son?
support of the crusades, love for Rowena.
The Clerk of Companhurst?
Friar Tuck
What do Front de Beouf, King Richard, and Fitzurse have in common?
they're normans.
who told DeBracy that he should get married to Rowena?
Prince John.
Athelstane is known as what?
the unready.
who divides the spoils from Torquilstone?
who argues with friar tuck about who is holier?
Prior Aymer.
who was the prize of the elder Front de Boeuf?
What was Ulrica's other name?
Diccon Bend-theBow was also known as what?
How did Ulrica know Cedric?
through the friendship of their fathers.
What was Gurth's dog's name?
How ddid Rowena play on DeBracy's sympathy?
by crying.

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