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what does mono mean?
what does the mean?
what does ism mean?
the study of
what is the nation of origin for buddhism?
What is the nation of origin for confucianism?
What is the nation of origin for hinduism?
What is the nation of origin for islam?
Saudi Arabia
What is the nation of originnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn for shintoism>
What is the origin of daoism?
who is the founder of buddhism?
siddharta guatama
who is the founder of confucianism
kung fu tzu
who is the founder of islam?
who is founder of daoism?
lao tzu
what is the place of worship for buddhism?
what is the place of worship for hinduism?
what is the place of worship for islam?
what is the palce of worship for shintoism?
what is the place of worship for daoism?
The teachings of budha are called
the four noble truths
the first was that___________was a part of life
the second truth was________________
mans suffering for his desire for things he cannot have and his attachment to material objects
the third truth was _______
man must overcome sufferinggs to get peace
fourth truth showed how man should overcome desiere by following________________
noble eight path
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, of the "rights" are:
faith, resist evil, speech, action,living, effort, thought, meditation
budha is the :_______ or______
enlightened one or the awakened one
according to budha man would go through several ___________before he would be able to overcome his desires.
Those who finally rid themselves of all desires would reach_____________
in nirvana, man's sould would stop its _________of rebirth and would become one with the ____________
cycle, universe
the only religion to begin in India's Ganges river valley area is ___________________-
List the four top religions in India:
hinduism, islam, christianity, buddhism
to see god in the animals which they hunt
what deals with __ and ___
li and hsin
lane or pattern
the ____and the ______(confuscainism)
heart and mind
what is the root of chinese philosophy?
the unity of ______ and ______ is possible only if _____is allowed to make its natural _______
heaven, earth, Tao, course
to understand ___________is the very secret of life
what religion is called the religion of no religion?
which religion has an origin that is prehistoric?
the founder of shintoism is _________________
it is prevalent in ______ but, the US attmepted to curb it after __________-
Japan, WWII
what are the forms of burial?
inhumation, exhumation, cremation
what religions pratice inhumation?
judaism, islam, christianity
what religions practice exhumation?
american indians
what religions practice cremation?
hindus and some buddhists
which is said to be one of the world's oldest religions?
which religion is very broad?
__________and __________________will enable the soul to reach nirvana
right thinking and self denial
_____ is designed to justly punish_______
hell, crime
in the religion of ___________, _____________is none for life is a neverending _________
hinduism, heaven, circle
what is the transmigration of souls?
it is_____, where individuals attempt to that perfect _______________
continuous, life
what is a great garden party?
_______believe a person's ______determines how his _____will be _____in the next_____
hindu's , karma, soul, reborn, life
Another words for deeds of action for hindus?
Hinduism did not become popular out its ________
hinduism is tied to _______
the _____and other _______rivers are a key part of its worhsip
ganges, other
when hinduism did spread it was not by_____ but by _____
land, sea
the root of chinese philosophy is__________
the youngest of five major reliigions is________
a conservative Islamic group are___________
shi'ite muslims
to rid of all of one's desires reaches this_________
suffering, desire, overcoming, noble eightfold path is_________
4 noble truths
recieved start in gangss river valley
addressses the li and the sin_____
the enlightened one is________
the _______ is sometimes called the religion of no religion
when you worship the animals which they hunt it is called ________
the largest religion in the phillipines is _________
hyms, prayers, and magic spells come form the _______________
The founder of this group said point me in the direction allah is not is_______
sikh muslims
this religion did not become very popular outside of it's homeland_________
a burial type practiced mainly by hindus are______
Primitive peoples believed that_________ forces, unseen ________and gods were the cause of many of the mysteries of nature
spiritual, forces
primitive man believed weird things happened because of these objects:
animals, treees, clouds
_____and _______were created to please the gods or to apologize to them
rituals and sacrifices
the ancient sumerians believed that each city had a god for each ______to protect its people
ancient egyptians believe that their ______had taken human for and watched over the people's of Egypt.
most early realigions were a way to deal with immiediate _______and needs of a single tribe or nation
Judaism, chirstianity, and islam all begina in the same region of the world. what was it?
the middle east
the odlest of these was ________, founded about 4,000 years ago
the jews were also called________, wandered for many years in the lands between two mighty civilizations- ________and _______
hebrews, babylon, and egypt
The jewish faith had three central ideas,. One was a revolutionary idea called _______
the second is ______, or the belief that god sets moral laws and agrees to be fair to those that obey them.
These laws are written in the-____
ten commandments
the third is that ____has a purposel it tells the story of fod's plan for humanity, leading to a better life
jews live all over the world but most live in the ___ or Israel ____ the Soviet Union.
us, Isreal
Jews live all over the world but most live in Is real m and the US and the forvrmer soviet union. today there are only_______
4.5 million
jews, but two other major religions have grown from it :_________and________, with hundreds of milloins of followers
islam and christianity
the three basic ideas of judaism are________
birth, life, and resurrection of jesus christ
christians belive that christ is god's _____, who was sent to teach people to love______, and that all are______
son, one another, equal
powerful leaders feared jesus, and executed him as a _______
christianity has spread all ove rthe world and has ____________followers
two billion
there are many different forms of christian religion, like catholic, methodist, and baptist called__________
Islam began in the ancient city of_________
in the desert which is now___________
Saudi Arabia
It was started in _____________ when the prophet ________described messages form the angel Gabriel, from GOd, written in their holy book the ______
6120, ad, mohammed
It instructs muslims how to worship and has important rules for_________
daily living
muslims have ___ main duties
god or ______ demands strict obediance of this law
a________pilgramage to Mecca is one of life's most important events. One part of the ritual is to walk or run around the ________shrine___ times
kabbah, 7
Islam began with the _____ people, but is now spread all over the world, with _______ followers
arab, 1.2 billion
one of the world's oldest religions, it began _______ years ago in India
rivers especially the _______river are believed to be a gift from the gods. Rivers are seen as symbols of the ______, because they flow continuisly but are always the same. Hindus believe that people are reborn, _________
Ganges, soul, reincarnated
It is you action in this _____ that determine your form in the next.
If you are lucky, you will be reborn as a ____, an animal sacred to Hindus
A hindu's ultimate goal is to be realeased from the __________ of rebirth and rebirth, and to achieve _______________.
endless, spiritual perfection
Hindu's are _________they worship many gods. All of them make up a universal ____called the________. there are _________ hindus mostly in India.
monotheistic, spirit, brahman, 820 million
Buddhists also believe in a cycle of death and rebirth, but don't express belief in a ____________ or ______________.
supreme being, powerful god
They focus on the idea that spiritual enlightenment comes from ________________
within each person
Budha means the_____________, and though there are many temples which honor him, he is not worshipped as a ________
the enlightened one, god
Buddhists believe that by controlling _______and _______ one can achieve______ a perfect state of peace and happiniess
mindy and spirit,nirvana
It began in india, but wa snot strong there. it spread to China and Japan, and has _______ followers
360 million
Even people who do not follow any religion, follow religion's basic teachings of______ and ______.
good, evil
____________differences and see similiarities between natures and cultures, both politcal and philosophical
___________ our won beliefs by seeing them alongside others
in a belief in a _________greater than man and which is the source of life to be worshipped
in having _________________containing some history, somepoetry, some problems, a list of rules and exhortations, a form of worhsip
holy writings
in having "holy____" to which people make pilgrammiges. The place may be the birthplace of a founder, or the scene of some important religious incident.
in having a number of _________________ founders or prophets, missionaries, other historical characters now worshipped or revered.
important people
in having a set of _______________ by which the religion is identified.
in having a place of __________under a roof and containg an alterlike structure
in having a _______ of observances, "holy days" concurring with seasons, natural phenomena depending on the countryr.
in their belief in the "___________" "brotherhood of man" "good will to men" "do unto others"
the golden rule
in their idea of ________ some religions believe man is basically evil, others that he is not good but corruupted by society;s rules
sin or evil
in their idea of _________: some religions belive that a select group of men act as official lintermediataries between their god and the common man. the power of authority given this groups isdeifferent for each religion.
in their idea of __________: some religions are messianic, they believe some one person, divine or human, will save man from eternal oblivion. others see their god as too remote to operate this way
in their idea of personal ___: some religions believe their god can communicate personally with human being.
the major religion come from this cultural region for anglo america:
the major religion come from this cultural region for latin america is:
christian (roman catholic)
the major religion from this cultural region for western europe is:
the major religion from this cultural region for CIS is:
orthodox christianity
the major religion from north africa and southwest asia come from this cultural region:
islam, judaism
the major religion from southeast asia come from this cultural region:
buddhism, regional religions
the major religion from south asia come from this cultural region:
the major religion from asia come from this cultural region:
buddhism, shintoism
the major religion from africa south of the sahara come from this cultural region:
tribal religions, islam, christianity
the major religion from oceania come from this cultural region:
christianity, vairous tribal religions

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