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110 Vocab Words


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demonstrative (adj)
showing an open display of feelings
abstruse (adj)
difficult to understand, very abstract
aesthetics (n)
the study of beauty
affable (adj)
pleasant, friendly
ameliorate (v)
to make better, improve
amenable (adj)
willing to agree, responsive,cooperative
approbation (n)
appropriated (adj)
taken or made use of without right
arduous (adj)
long and difficult, thus hard to accomplish
blanch (v)
to drain of color, become pale
bombastic (adj)
pretentious, inflated speech or writing, lacking in humility
brandish (v)
to shake or wave in a menacing manner
brusque (adj)
rough and abrupt in manner or speech, curt
burgeon (v)
to grow rapidly, to flourish
cantankerous (adj)
difficult or irritating to deal with
capacious (adj)
spacious, roomy
circuitous (adj)
following a circular or winding path, indirect
circumscribe (v)
to draw a line around, hence to restrict or limit
compendium (n)
a concise list or summary
consensus (n)
a general agreement, common consent
corroborate (v)
to support with evidence, confirm a claim
decorum (n)
conformity to accepted norms of behavior
defile (v)
to make unclean or impure, desecrate
demystify (v)
to make clear, thus less baffling
desolate (adj)
lonely, uninhabited
desultory (adj)
marked by a lack of a plan or purpose, lacking direction
dilatory (adj)
tending to delay or procrastinate
disabuse (v)
to rid of fake ideas, enlighten, free from error
disdain (v)
to look on with scorn
disingenuous (adj)
giving a fake appearance of simple frankness, thus calculating and crafty
disparage (v)
to run down, belittle, speak poorly of
diversion (n)
something that diverts or amuses
divulge (v)
to make known, to reveal
paragon (n)
a model of excellence
docile (adj)
easy to manage, malleable
dogmatic (adj)
very stubborn adherence to beliefs
eclectic (adj)
selecting from a wide variety of sources, methods or styles
effervescent (adj)
to give off bubbles, thus to be bubbly, exuberant
emulate (v)
to try to excel or equal by imitation
enamor (v)
to fill with love
equanimity (n)
evenness of mind, especially under stress
espouse (v)
to give support to
exasperate (v)
to cause irritation or annoyance
exigency (n)
a great urgency, a situation requiring immediate attention
fallible (adj)
capable of error
fastidious (adj)
exacting, meticulous, hard to please
fathom (v)
to come to understand
feasible (adj)
fervor (n)
intense feelings, great passion
flaunt (v)
to violate conventions, to treat with contempt
garish (adj)
excessively vivid colors
gingerly (adj)
cautious, careful
gullible (adj)
easily fooled or duped
hubris (n)
excessive pride, arrogance
idiosyncrasy (n)
any personal peculiarity, eccentricity
incandescent (adj)
giving off light, gleaming, brilliantly shining
incantation (n)
use of spells or verbal charms spoken as part of a magical ritual
incipient (adj)
in the early stages, just beginning, embryonic
incontrovertible (adj)
cannot be disproved
indelicate (adj)
lacking a sensitivity for the feelings of others, tactless
indomitable (adj)
incapable of being subdued, unconquerable
ineffable (adj)
incapable of being expressed, indescribable
innate (adj)
present in an individual from birth
insipid (adj)
without flavor, tasteless, not exciting, dull
insolent (adj)
disrespectful in speech or conduct, haughty
insuperable (adj)
something incapable of being overcome
irrevocable (adj)
not possible to revoke, unalterable, unable to be called back
legion (n)
a very large number
levity (n)
light-hearted humor
limpid (adj)
transparent, perfectly clear
linchpin (n)
the key element in something
machinations (n)
scheming or crafty actions intended to accomplish an evil end
mercurial (adj)
characterized by rapid and unpredictable changes in mood
milestone (n)
a significant or important turning point
munificent (adj)
very generous
nuance (n)
a subtle distinction or shade of difference
ominous (adj)
threatening evil or disaster, inauspicious
indiscreet (adj)
an action marked by a lack of decorum, hence tasteless
paramount (adj)
of supreme importance
ostentatious (adj)
fond of conspicuous display, pompous, pretentious
patronizing (adj)
to act superior toward, to adopt an air of condescension
perfunctory (adj)
done in a routine manner
precipitous (adj)
acting with undue haste
predilection (n)
a likening or preference for something
quixotic (adj)
idealistic in an impractical way
ransack (v)
to search closely and carefully, to turn upside down
raucous (adj)
harsh, jarring sound, blaring
rebuke (v)
to criticize sharply, reprimand, berate
rectitude (n)
great integrity, moral honesty
redoubtable (adj)
formidable, worth of respect
reprehensible (adj)
deserving criticism or censure
skulk (v)
to move in a stealthy or furtive manner
specious (adj)
tempting, but false, untrue, spurious
sporadic (adj)
occurring occasionally, infrequently, not regular
spurious (adj)
falsified, fake and thus not genuine
staid (adj)
marked by self-restraint, sober, grave
stanch (v)
to stop the flow of blood from a wound
strident (adj)
loud, harsh sounding
suffuse (v)
to spread over or through, to diffuse
talisman (n)
an object held to act as a charm to avert evil and bring good fortune
torpor (n)
a lack of energy, lethargy
ubiquitous (adj)
present everywhere, pervasive
usurp (v)
to illegally seize power, property or position
venal (adj)
capable of being bought or influence by money, corrupt
wan (adj)
lacking vitality
watershed (n)
a very important event
gratuitous (adj)
not called for by the circumstances, done/provided without expectance of something in return
polemic (n)
an aggressive attack on the beliefs or opinions of another
vacuous (adj)
empty, having or showing a lack of intelligence or insight
audacious (adj)
very bold

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