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Ancienty Egypt


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-Man with ram head
-man wearing ostrich plumed hat
-one of the most powerful gods, called kind of gods

-man with a jackal head
-a jackal
-god of embalming and the dead
-watched over the dead

-a sun disk with rays which end in hands
-form of sun god Ra
-during reign of Akhenaten made king of gods

-'The All' or 'Perfection'
-man with double crown
-first god to exist on earth
-creator god
-rose from waters of chaos (nun) and created all the gods

-woman with the head of cat
-protective goddes
-sometimes appeared with head of lioness to protect king in battle
-daughter of Ra

-dwarf with lion and human features
-dwarf wearing sking of a lion
-protector of pregnant women, newborn babies and family
-protected against snake and scorpion bites

-man lying down below the arch of the sky goddess Nut
-man with a goose on his head
-god of the earth, husband and brother of Nut
-father of osiris, isis nepthys and seth
-made horus ruler of the living

-man with a pot belly
-shown with water plants
-god of innundation
-brought yearly flood of the nile

-'House of Horus'
-woman with the ears of a cow
- a cow
-woman with a headdress of horns and a sun disk
-protective goddess
-goddess of love and joy
-wife of Horus, mother of the pharaoh

-'The One Far Above'
-man with the head of a hawk
-a hawk
-god of the sky
-protector of the ruler of Egypt
-pharaoh was living horus
-son of Isis and Osiris

-woman with headdress in the shape of the throne,
-a pair of cowhorns with a sun disk
-protective goddess
-used magic spells to help in people in need
-wife of osiris and mother of horus

-'He Who is Coming into Being'
-man with the head of a scarab
-a scarab beetle
-god of creation of the movement of the sun and rebirth

-woman whose body arches across the sky wearing a dress decorated with stars
-sky goddess whose body created a vault or canopy over the earth
-sister/wife of Geb
-swallowed and gave rebirth to Ra

-man with the head of a curly-horned ram
-creator god and god of innundation
-molded people on a potter's wheel

-woman with a feather on her head
-a feather
-goddess of truth justice and harmony
-associated with the balance of things on earth
-daughter of the son god Ra

-'Lady of the Mansion'
-woman with a headdress showing her name in heiroglyphs
-protective goddess of the dead
-sister of Isis and Osiris and sister/wife of Seth
-mother of Anubis

-man carrying a bark
-was the waters of chaos
-only thing that existed on earth before land

-a mummified man wearing a white cone-like headdress with feathers
-god of dead and ruler of the underworld
-brother/husband of Isis, brother of Nepthys and Seth, father of Horus
-god of resurrection and fertility

-man wrapped in a tight white cloak carrying a staff
-god of craftsman
-spoke words and world came into being

-man with hawk head and headdress with a sun disk
-sun god
-most important god

-'Horus in the Horizon'
-man with the head of a hawk with a sun disk headdress
-god of rising sun
-combination of Horus and Ra

-'The Powerful One'
-woman with the head of lioness
-goddess of war

-woman wearing a panther skin dress and a star headdress
-goddess of writing and measurement
-man with the head of a 'seth animal' (unidentifiable)
-god of chaos
-represented everything that threatened Egypt
-brother of Osiris and Isis, brother/husband of Nepthys
-murdered Osiris

-'He Who Rises Up'
-man wearing headdress with feathers
-a lion
- god of the air
-held up figure of Nut so that earth and sky were separated

-man with the head of a crocodile and the headdress of feathers and a sun disk
-nile god
-'The Great One'
-head of a hippopotamus with the arms and legs of a lion, the back and tail of a crocodile, and the breasts and stomach of a pregnant woman
-goddess who protected women during pregnancy and child birth

-woman with the head of a lioness
-goddess of moisture
-wife of shu, and mother of Nut and Geb

-man with the head of an Ibis holding a writing palette
-a baboon
-god of writing and knowledge

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