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Chapters 1-7 and Units 1-4


undefined, object
copy deck
utterly or obviously senseless
judicious in ones conduct or speech
extremely bold; daring
firmly or stubbornly adhering to ones purpose, opinion etc.
Remunerate: to pay, recompensate
one who practices black magic
to pay or furnish the money for
calm, being at rest
chanting or uttering of words or magical spells sorcery
extremely hungry famished voracious
swampy marshy wetland
low wall or railing
to beat rapidly to throb to quiver
characterized by cleverness or originality
old ancient; relic monument
make haste
hurry up
threatening harm or evil
to defeat punish
disgusting vile nasty
crossbreed of a wolf-orc
to rob or dispose. sully pilfer
eagles nest. strong hold in a high place
dismay horror
above suspicion
breach adherent
an opening. gap; a violation or infraction. to create an opening , break through a follower supporter. attached sticking to
admonish abridge
to caution or advise against something; to scold mildly; to remind of a duty to make shorter
Unbridled usurp
uncontrolled lacking in restraint\ to seize and hold a position by force or without right
diffuse fabricate
to spread or scatter freely or widely. wordy long winded unfocused scattered or widely spread to make, manufacture to make up invent
sully precipice
to soil, stain, tarnis, defile, besmirch a very steep cliff. the brink or edge of disaster
dilemma irate
a difficult or perplexing situation or problem angry
efface marauder
to wipeout; to keeponeself from being noticed a raider, plunderer
muddle obesity
to make a mess of. to get by. a hopeless mess extreme fatness
opinionated pauper
stubborn and often unreasonable in holding in one's own ideas, having a closed mind an extremely poor person
perennial pilfer
lasting for a long time peristent a plant that lives for many years to steal in small quantities
predispose rift
to incline beforehand a split,break, breach,
relinquish semblance
to let go, give up a likeness an outward appearance
salvage surmount
to save from fire or shipwreck to overcome, rise above
spasmodic terminate
sudden and violent but brief, fitful, intermitten to bring to an end
spurious trite
not geniune, not true, not valid common place, overused, stale
brigand altercation
a bandit an angry arguement
circumspect cherubic
careful, cautious resembling an angel portrayed as a little child with a beautiful round, chubby face, sweet and innocent
commandeer condone
to seize for military or official use to pardon or overlook
cumbersome dissent
clumsy, hard to handle, slow moving to disagree a disagreement
deadlock eminent
a complete standstill. to bring to a standstill famous outstanding distinguished projecting
debris exorcise
scattered, fragments, wreckage to drive out by magic. to dispose of something troublesome, menacing, or oppresive
terse reprieve
brief and to the point a temporary relief or delay. to grant a postponement
tantalize rectify
to tease, torment by teasing to make right, correct
subjugate pompous
to conquer by force, bring under complete control overly self important in speech or manner, excessively stately or ceremonious
proliferate pliant
to reproduce, increase, or spread rapidly bending readily, easily influenced
jeer incinerate
to make fun of rudely or unkindly. a rude remark of derision to burn to ashes
mediocre larceny
average, ordinary, undistinguished theft
illegible inanimate
difficult or impossible to read not having life, without energy or spirit
fortify hoodwink
to strengthen, build up to mislead by a trick decieve
lucrative intrepid
bringing in money, profitbale very brave, fearless, unshakeable
dissolute auspicious
loose in ones words or behavior favorable, fortunate
feint disentangle
a deliberately deceptive movement; a pretense. to make a deceptive movement to make a pretense of to free from tangles or complications
fodder fated
food for horses or cattle; raw material for a desiganted purpose determined in advance by destiny or fortune
comely anarchy
having a pleasing appearance a lack of government and law, confusion.
alien access
a citizen of another country. foreign strange approach of admittance to place, persons, things an increase?. to get at, obtain
expulsion daunt
the process of driving or forcing out to overcome with fear intimidate. to dishearten, discourage
erratic biased
not regular or consistent. different from what is ordianrily expected, undependable favoring one side unduly, prejudiced
compensate arduous
to make up for to repay for services hard to do requiring much effort
unflinching revile
firm, showing no signs of fear, not drawing back to attack with words call bad names
adjourn abscond
to stop proceedings for a time. to move to another place to run off and hide

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