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la me`te`o


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How is the weather?
Quel temps fait-il?
It is beautiful.
Il fait beau.
It is bad.
Il fait mauvais.
It is hot. It is 36 degrees.
Il fait chaud. Il fait 36.
It is nice. It is 17 degrees.
Il fait doux. Il fait 17.
It is cold. It is 4 degress.
Il fait froid. Il fait 4.
It is sunny.
Il fait du soleil.
It is windy.
Il fait du vent.
There are clouds.
Il y a des nuages.
It is raining.
Il pleut.
There are changes.
Il y a des averses.
There is lightning.
Il y a des orages.
There are sunny spells/It is partly cloudy.
Il y a des e`claircies.
It is snowing.
Il neige.
There is fog.
Il y a du brouillard.

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