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Bible Exam 2


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5 needs of husbands
1. Sexual fulfillment
2. Recreational companionship
3. Attractive spouse
4. Domestic support
5. Admiration
5 needs of wives:
1. Affection
2. Conversation
3. Honesty and Openness
4. Financial Support
5. Family Commitment
4 vows include individuals/groups
1. The Lord
2. The community
3. Families of the Bride and Groom
4. The children who will be born
6 commitment is:
1. A decision of the heart
2. Without reservations or time limits
3. To a permanent union & to a successful union
4. An acceptance of the consequences
5. A lifestyle of action
6. To a person
5 essential similarities:
1. Intelligence
2. Interests
3. Intimacy
4. Values
5. Expectations about roles
4 differences that spell trouble
1. Energy level
2. Personal habits
3. Use of money
4. Verbal skills & interests
5 tools to battles bad things:
1. Ownership
2. Hope
3. Empathy
4. Forgiveness
5. Communication
Most important key to marital adjustment:
5 little things toward isolation:
1. Crowded Calendars
2. Excessive investment in children
3. Lack in romance
4. Communication/ don’t share
5. Different directions
7 keys to protecting marriage
1. Make marriage a priority in your busy life
2. Learn your limits
3. Confess and forgive daily
4. Plug into church
5. Read books, attend workshops⬦give your marriage regular boosters
6. Seek help early
7. Keep your marriage spiritually focused
4 truths about communication:
1. meaning = sharing
2. reason for failure: self
3. result of failure: loneliness
4. key to effective communication: desire
4 communication is not:
1. assuming
2. informing
3. agreeing
4. answering
Triangle of communication:
3 myths of marital conflict:
1. Good marriages do not have conflict
2. Conflict hurts good marriages
3. Those who have good marriages are just lucky
5 fundamental truths about marital conflict:
1. Marital disagreements and conflicts should be expected
2. Difficulties and conflicts are not the end of the world
3. Marital conflict reveals your true character and that of your marriage
4. Complete and unconditional victory by one spouse is ultimately loss for the marriage
5. It’s not how compatible you are that makes a great marriage; it’s how you handle the incompatibilities
5 relationship principles from Ephesians 4: 25-32
1. A man wants to be admired for how well he does things
2. A woman wants to be cherished for who she is
4 wrong methods:
1. Silence
2. Denial
3. Intimidation/ Anger explosion
4. Manipulation
5 Dead-ends:
1. Dead-end times
2. Dead-end settings
3. Dead-end approaches
4. Dead-end words
5. Dead-end strategies
5 principals for conflict:
1. Remind one another that we are in this together
2. Be honest
3. Stay under control
4. Be careful of your words
5. Guard your heart and forgive
5 items for being careful of your words:
1. Attack the problem, not each other
2. Never say ‘you never’ or ‘you always’
3. When you’re wrong admit it, when you’re right shut up
4. Be focused on where the two of you are going, rather than where you’ve been
5. Do not air your problems in public
2 destructive ideas about conflict:
1. Conflict is dangerous
2. Winning is everything
7 barriers to communication:
1. Men and women differ
2. Poor skills/ talking and listening
3. Silent treatment
4. Constant joking
5. Failure to speak with clarity
6. Failure to adequately and honestly express true feelings
7. Failure to take time to talk
2 concepts intertwined in biblical thought:
1. Creation
2. Covenant
4 differences in contracts and covenants:
1. Contracts emphasize the obligations each party is taking on, covenants focus more on the relationships that are being established or ratified
2. Contracts specify an exchange of money or services and terminate when the transaction is complete, covenants est. a relationship that transcends any particular exchange of goods
3. Contracts always contain escape clauses to enable people to back away from what the judge to have been unwise commitments or failed agreements, covenants promise open-ended and permanent fidelity to the promises being undertaken and the relationship being established
4. Contracts are purely and simply human transactions, covenants invoke the presence of God as guarantor and trustee, even when the covenant is undertaken at the human-to-human level
Most important single text identifying human marriage as a covenant:
Malachi 2: 10- 16, especially verses 13-16
7 marriage is a covenant because:
1. It is a freely entered agreement between two people
2. It publicly ratifies a relationship between a man and a woman and subjects it to objective standards and social responsibilities
3. It spells out the mutual responsibilities and moral commitments that both parties are taking on in this new form of community
4. It is sealed by various oath signs that publicly symbolize and even “perform” the solemn commitments being made.
5. It is a lifetime commitment.
6. God is the witness and guarantor of its promises.
7. There are dire consequences for breaking its terms and great rewards for keeping them.

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