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Process Evaluation
any combination of measurements obtained during the implementation of program activities to control, assure, or improve the quality of performance or delivery
Outcome Evaluation
focuses on an ultimate goal or product of a program or treatment (ie: morbidity or mortality statistics, vital measures, symptoms, signs..)
Impact Evaluation
focuses on the immediate observable effects of a program
Formative Evaluation
any combination of measurements obtained and judgments made before or during the implementation of materials, methods, activities, or programs to control, assure or improve the quality of performance or delivery (Geocoding of STI rates statewide to know where the problems are located before planning an intervention)
Summative Evaluation
any combination of measurements and judgments that permit conclusions to be drawn about impact, outcome, or benefits of a program or method.
Advantages of an internal evaluator
1. Being more familiar with organization & its history
2. Knowing decision making style of the org.
3. Being present to remind others of results
4. able to communicate technical results frequently and clearly
5. less expensive

Disadvantage of internal evaluator
evaluator bias or conflict of interest
4 advantages of External Evaluator
1. can provide more objective outlook & fresh perspective
2. can help ensure unbiased evaluation outcome
3. bring global knowledge of evaluation having worked in a variety of settings
4. more breadth & depth of technical expertise

4 Questions that should be addressed at the beginning of a program & throughout implementation
1. What will be evaluated?
2. what aspects of program will be considered when judging performance?
3. what standards must be reached?
4. what evidence will be used to indicate how program performed?

Cost-Benefit Analysis
yields dollar benefit received from dollars invested in the program
Cost-Effectivness Analysis
used to quantify the effects of the program in monetary terms
What are the 6 advantages of using a multi strategy intervention over one that includes a single strategy?
⬢Hit priority population in a variety of ways
⬢Appeal to variety of learning styles with priority population
⬢Keep health message constant
⬢Hope at least 1 strategy appeal to population
⬢Appeals to multiple senses (sight and touch)
⬢Increases changes that combined strategies will help increase & achieve objectives

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