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What year did the Spanish-American War take place?
Where did the Spanish American War take place?
Havanah, Cuba
Who fought in the Spanish American War?
Rough Riders
What battle sight
San Juan Hill
Why did the US enter the Spanish American War?
1)Sink the Main by Spain
2)German's unrestricted Naval warfare
What was the "support" called for the Spanish American War?
Yellow Journalism. (Sensationalizing and exaggerating the war)
Name the person who created the support for the Spanish American War and what was this person's job?
William Randolph Hearst
In support for the Spanish American War.
To conquer and take land by force.
The act of acquiring land
Manifest Destiny
A belief in the will of divine providence allowing the right to acquire land.
What year did WWI take place?
1914 to 1918
US entered in 1917
Who did we fight during WWI?
Austria Hungarian Empire
Name the treaty that eneded WWI.
Treaty of Versaille
Name our president during WWI and his plan for ending the war. Did the plan work?
Woodrow Wilson's
Fourteen Points Plan
18th Amendment
Prohibit the manufacture, distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages.
Twenty First Amendment
Repealed the the 18th Amendment allowing citizens to consume alcoholic beverages and sell alcohol.
Ninteenth Amendment
Women's suffrage. Voting rights for women.
Red Scare!!
Xenophobic fear of Communisms expansion in the world by the Soviet Unions (USSR).
Characterized by a collapse of financial markets (banks,stockmarket)that leads to unemployment and human suffering.
League of Nations
President Woodrow Wilson's plan to solve World issues such as War.
Designating drinking alcohol as illegal by the 18th amendment to the Constitution of the US.
Name the year of World War II
Why did the U S enter WWII the war in the Pacific?
Attack on Pearl Harbor. Prompted by Japanese fears of US imperialistic designs in the Pacific region.
Why did the US enter the WWII in Europe?
Sinking of Merchant marine ships who traded with England and Germany. Political fears of Nazis control of World.
What year did the Stock Market Crash?
October 29, 1929
What was the end result of the Dustbowl?
Mass migration to the West of farmers who lost farms to banks. New farming techniques to save top soil.
Name the deal that changed the US economy after the Great Depression.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt implemented his plan to get government involved in creating jobs- The New Deal!!
What German demagogue sought control of the world during WWII?
Adolph Hitler
Truman Doctrine
(President Harry S. Truman)
Doctrine of the US to prevent the spread of Communism.
Reconstruction plan after WWII implemented to bring stability back to Germany and Europe.
Marshall Plan.
What had the greatest impact in encouraging the US to become directly involved in WWI.
Germany's use of unrestricted submarine warfare. Wolf Pack!
What court case of the 1920's is associated with William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow?
Sopes v. State of Tennessee
Scopes Monkey Trial
What was the turning point of WWII in the Pacific?
The industrial might of the US was brought to bear after the Attack on Pearl. Japan had committed a fatal error!!
Teaty of Paris
Ended the American Revolution resulting the Britains defeat and Colonies victory.
First Successful British settlement.
Sputnick was launched by the Soviet Union prompting the challenge from the US in the Space race.
Lousiana purchase was bought from?
France through Napoleon Bonaparte for 15 million dollars.
Who wrote Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson.

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