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Romantic Music


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Bizet- wait for singer to say name (orchestra
“Carmen” Votre Toast
Bizet- on the harp then flute comes in
“Carmen” Intermezzo-
Rimsky-Korsakov- sounds like bees flying
Flight of the Bumblebee-
Rimsky-Korsakov- Birds at beginning low sound that gets higher
Russian Easter Overture
Wagner- Lively horns short then repeat
Tannhauser- Arrival of the Guests
Mendelssohn- Horns start out and continue
Midsummer Night’s Dream” Noc…
Mendelssohn- WEDDING SONG
Midsummer Night’s Dream” We…-
Humperdinick – wait for Duet
“Hansel and Gretel”- Humperdinick
Mussorgsky- sounds like the Olympics
“The Great Gate of Kiev
Bizet- man singing Au fond then other man comes in (then harp and original man play
“Les Pecheurs de Perles”
Tchaikovsky- swinging song that loud at very beginning is fast than slows with tubas later
“The Sleeping Beauty” Waltz
Rimsky-Korsakov- tamberine in beginning
“Sadko” Song of India
Khachaturian- - Looney Tunes song- quick with key strokes
“Saber Dance”
Verdi – chorus after a few seconds
“Nabucco” Chorus of Hebrew Slaves
Brahms- lullaby on the piano
Wagner “Star Wars”
Die Walkure
Schumann- “drinkers song”
The Merry Peasant
Tchaikovsky- quick thrums on the harp with slow violin
The Nutcracker
Rossini- twiddles with Bertolli singer lalalala
“The Barber of Seville”
Rachmaninov- Sad song on Piano
Rhapsody on a Theme by Paga

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