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Idioms I


undefined, object
copy deck
to face, to look out upon
dar a
to come upon, to find
dar con
to wind
dar cuerda(a)
to give a drink to
dar de beber
to strike against, to hit
dar en
to shout
dar gritos(voces)
to strike the hour
dar la hora
to shake hands
darse la mano
to thank
dar las gracias
to consider (finished)
dar por + past participle (terminado)
to consider onself (defeated)
darse por + past participle (vencido)
to give regards to
dar recuerdos
to realize
darse cuenta de
to hurry
darse prisa
to embrace
dar un abrazo
to take a walk
dar un paseo
to take a stroll
dar una vuelta
to be supposed to, to have to
haber de + infinitive
to be sunny
haber sol
to be dusty
haber polvo
to be muddy
haber lodo
to be foggy
haber neblina
there is moonlight
hay luna
one must, it is necessary
hay que + infinitive
there will always be problems to solve
hay + noun + que + infinitive (habra problemas que resolver)
he came to see me a week ago
hace + time + que + preterite (hace una semana que vino a verme)
a little while ago
hace poco
to be good weather
hacer buen tiempo
to be cold
hacer frio
to be windy
hacer viento
to pay attention to
hacer caso de
to work as
hacer de
to play the role of
hacer el papel de
to break to pieces, to tear
hacer pedazos
to ask a question
hacer una pregunta
to pay a visit
hacer una visita
to take a trip
hacer un viaje
to become (through effor)
to become late
hacerse tarde
to harm, to damage
hacer dano
to hurt onself
hacerse dano
to be careful
tener cuidado
to have a headache
tener dolar de cabeza
to be successful
tener exito
to feel like
tener ganas de
to be hungry
tener hambre
to be blamed for
tener la culpa
to take place
tener lugar
to be afraid of
tener miedo de
to consider
tener por + adjective
to be in a hurry
tener prisa
to have to do with
tener que ver con
to be rigbht
tener razon
to be sleepy
tener sueno
to be lucky
tener suerte
to be ashamed of
tener veguenza

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