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Deviance Exam Test 3


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Personal space is one example of...
social definition of reality
Ethnomethodologists would argue that deviance upsets us because it threatens to destroy...
Ethnomethodologists would argue that thieves challenge our agreed upon reality because they don’t believe in private property.
Ethnomethodologists are interested in...
how people in everday life construct reality
Most lasting damage for a victim of deviance is...
If a key person in an interaction fails to play his role correctly...
others will have problems in doing their role correctly
What social movement solidified political power for the dominant class?
The young woman raped quoted the crime made her...
look beyond herself to give others compassion
Sociologists interested in ways that people negotiate reality are called...
Ethnomethodologists define _______ as a presence, which challenges our agreed reality.
Three effects that deviance has on the social system are?
disrupts coordination
destroys trust
destroys willingness to conform
Serpent handling is considered a...
safety valve to release tension
Why don’t plant quality control inspectors foreman enforce rules against the use of taps?
promotion is based upon meeting production guideline and they must get along with the workers
Unregulated statistics when social control fails people are controlled by...
What is not a deterrent to deviance according to social control theorists?
knowledge of appropriate accounts
Conflict theory argues that ____ provides dynamics of social conflict.
economic structure
conflict theory believes deviance is...
defined by the powerful
High consensus deviance...
society agrees is indeed deviant
What is a motive for deviance among the powerful?
greater subjective deprivation
What is the symbolic relation between deviance of powerful and deviance of powerless?
the deviance of one encourages another
Deviance neutralization is a process by which we attempt to maintain a self-image while violating convential norms without...
surrendoring allegiance to norms
What is not a reason for crime given by conflict theorists?
worker becomes jealous of capitalists
What is the type of conflict which involves incompatible interest needs and desires of diverse groups?
social conflict
What does Clyde Bellecourt say the 3 main enemies of native Americans are?
European style education
Thio encourages deviance of powerless in 3 ways. What is the third way?
trickle effect
Thio suggests that there is a higher rate of deviance among poor and powerless people than among rich and powerful people.
Peter Blau suggests in order to have power one must control...
what others think they must have
____ exists when there is an agreement among subordinates that the power holder has a right to rule.
____ occurs when people wish to control their own reward outcomes.
Cipher in the Snow story illustrates...
the self fulfilling prophecy
“I’m sorry I have to ask these questions" illustrates...
apology and mystification
Control theory’s central question is...
what causes conformity?

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