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earthquake, hurricane, monsoon (seaonsal winds) thunderstorms, tsunami
what are the forces affecting the earth?
What are the four layers of the Earth?
slowly, but continually
How are landforms forming?
a natural process that breaks up surface material into smaller pieces
What is weathering
4 basic parts of phys. geo.
the study of the earth in all its variety
warm, cold
_____air can hold more than ___ air
the tropics or cancer and capricorn
where the do suns rays hit (where do they hit between?)
weather-can change within a second. climate-the usual pattern in weather, doesnt change often
what is the difference between climate and weather
north american, south america, africa, ausie, asia, europe
what are the seven continents?
tropical,mid-latitude,high latitude,dry,highland
climates of the world
what % of our earth is made up of water?
found in the middle or both north and south hemi (ex. marine west coast, med coast)
what are some details on mid-lat?
plentiful rain, lush vegetation, diverse plant and animal life
what are some details on tropical?
What are the three biggest causes of erosion
the theory that all the continents were once one
What is pangea?
atm.-layer of air surroundeding the earth (global warming,ozone depletion,acid rain)
atmosphere info. (what are the three effects)
plate tectoncs
What is the earth built apon?
wind, water, and people
what are the major things that effect our climate?
2% (even less than that, 1% is in glaciers)
what % of water can we actually use?
what are the four steps of the water cycle?
What is a crack in the earth's crust?
the amount of water in the air is called....
what are the four oceans?
cold, north and south pole
what are some details on the high-lat?
subartic (very long, cold winters) tundra (bitterly cold climate, trees cant grow) ice cap (colest temp. on earth, nothing can grow)
what are the cold terms?
the process of wearing away or moving weathered material on the arth's surface
What about erosion?
the center of the earth
where do the suns rays usually hit
water vapor
what is water in the form of gas called?
recieves little or no rainfall (desert, can be hot or cold) and steppe (land the consist of grasslands & praries)
what's the deal on dry climates?

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