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W.G.: Atlantic & Pacific South America


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A term South Americans use for the thick rain forest vegetation found in the eastern region meaning "forest".
What are Selvas? (245)
In southern Peru, where the eastern and western ridges of the Andes Mtns. separate forming a broad highland plain between.
What is the Altiplano? (247)
An unusual weather pattern involving a warming of part of the Pacific Ocean, that occurs every five to ten years and causes a decrease in fish and an increase in flooding in some areas.
What is El Nino? (248)
The use of violence as a means of political force.
What is Terrorism? (248 )
An overthrow of the existing government by another political or military group.
What is a military Coup ? (248)
The Spanish Colonial system of land ownership brought over by Europeans, whereby tenant farmers work part of the land from their own labor. The large estates on which tenants work.
What is the Latifundia system? (250)
After land reform, the government divided some large estates into small farms for families.
What are Minifundios? (250)
A small country that separates two larger competing countries.
What is a Buffer State? (234)
A term referring to the loss of soil nutrients that results from always planting the same crop in a particular area.
What is Soil Exhaustion? (236)
Northern cities of Atlantic S.A.are filled with huge slum areas called _______.
What are Favelas? (237)
A metropolitan area given official help to strengthen its economic development.
What is a Growth Pole? (238)
A substance gathered from quebracho trees of the Chaco, used to soften and preserve leather.
What is Tannin? (240)
A country that is completely surrounded by land and does not have an access to the ocean.
What is Landlocked? (242)

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