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Earth Science Test


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Shape of Earth's orbit.
The three main features of the moon are ______,________,_________.
high lands, Maria, and craters
When the sun is directly over this an equinox occurs.
_______ occurs when the sun reaches its greatest distance north or south of the equator or whe the North Pole is turned 23.5 degrees towards the sun.
Discuss the four different evolution theories about the moon.
- Co-Accretion- The moon formed the same way the earth did by the same super nova
- Fission- Moon split off from Earth
- Cature- Moon was formed else where and then captured by our gravity
-Impact- Moon was giant asteroid that was size of Mars and hit earth. Pacific?
Longest day in the Northern Hemisphere is called the_____________
Summer Solstice
The broad, smooth lowland plains on the moon are called
At _________, the point of the moon's orbit is farthest from earth.
Does the moon have an atmosphere?
Our planet is at a _________ angle.
Name at least one planet that does not have a season.Why?
Mercury, Venus, or Jupiter. Because they are not on a tilt.
The moon rotates on it's axis every_____
WWhich way does the earth rotate?
- "sun and stop"
- sun reaches highest point in sky
Summer Solstice
- longest day in Northern Hemisphere
- shortest day in Southern Hemisphere
Winter Solstice
- shortest day in Northern Henisphere
- longest day in Southern Hemisphere
Why do stars shine?
In the core of a star hydrogen fuses with helium in a process called nuclear fusion.
Name all 7 continents in alphabetical order and generally classify them.
1. Africa- 2nd largest, Mt.Kilimanjaro- highset stand alone mountain
2. Antarctica- 5th largest, large plateau, South Pole, most of fresh water, coldest, no countries, highest elevated.
3. Asia- Largest, largest plateau (Tebettin Plateau), dead sea (lowest), largest mountain.
4. Australia- smallest, 1 country, Ayers Rock
5. 2nd smallest, Alps (eurasian melanesian)
6. North America- 3rd largest, Rocky Mountains (Circum Pacific Belt), Death Valley, Mt. Mckinley
7. South America- largest Rain Forest, longest mountain system: Andes (Circum Pacific Mountain Belt)
Name the eight phases of the moon.
New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibous, Full Moon, Waning Gibous, Last Quarter, and Waning Crescent.
Name the Five classification types of stars.
Giant, Super Giaint, Main Sequence (90%), White Dwarf, and Neutron.
Sketch the 7 atomspheric layers and key features at each layer.
1.troposphere-all the weather
2.stratosphere-jet stream, ozone: 32km
3.Mesosphere-meteors destroyed, coldest
4.Ionosphere-ions and radio waves
6.Thermosphere-uppermost layer, hottest

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