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what do volcanos do when lava comes out
some ooze and some erupt violently
how do volcanoes form
it forms when the magma has no room and then the lava come through some cracks and form a volacano slowly
why do volcanoes erupt
they erupt because there are some gasses that are in the volcano which makes it explode
is there one kind of volcano or is it more than one
its more than one
how many types of volcanoes
how fast do the plates move in a year
about 2 in all of the plates move around that fast
what happens to rocks under the crust when it gets too hot
it rises
what happens to rocks when it get too cool under the crust
it sinks
what are three peices of evidencs that pangaea existed
fossils coal in antartica rocks that are the same on different continents
The five themes
place location movement human envirement interation region
Geography the study of where people places and things are located, and the ways in which things relate to each other
The three things of movement are
goods people ideas
what are the two regions
functional region and formal region
what does geo mean
what does grafia mean
what are the two types of location
absolute and relative
what are the two characteristics of place
human phisical
how is the grid labled
west and east latitude
north and south longitude
what are the five map components
compass rose
legend key
what is the compass rose
shows cardinal directions north south east west
what is legend key
explains what symblos are used on the map example rivers
what is scale
shows the users sizes on the map
title tells
what th map is showing
latitude and longtitude is
imagin any bird to find its location
what is region
a group of places that share some common characteristics like phicical human or both
what are the three layers of the earth
inner core mantle crust
what does internal forces do
it shapes the earths crust into creating mountains plains and other landforms
name four major plates
south american plate indo austrailien plate african plate north american plate
ex all the continents
how does absolute and relative locations differ
relative postition in relation to other places and uses other places changes beased on your intention

Ablsolute postition on globe uses latitude and longtitude does not change
what does external forces do
human env weather erosion
what are plate tectonics
the earths crust is broken up into masses of plates wihich the coordinents are apart of
what is continental drift
The movements of continents they have been slowy moving away from each and towards each other
name four major plate movements
converging indiut asia
Faulting/ translation
what is coverging do and create
two plates meet and colide
creates mountains
subduction what does it do and create
two land masses meet and fold over each other creating volcanoes and mountains
spreading two plates move away from each other creating magmato spread
new ocean floor
faulting creates and does what
two plates rubbing together creating earth quakes
what does the earths crust rest on
it rests on the mantle
what causes earth quakes
shifting plates
why do people choose to live near volcanoes
the rapid growth of reproduction ubanization and enomic development
what is pangaea
a super continent
what is the second step that a geagrapher does
analyzes info
what is the final step that a geographer does
display info
how can latitude and longtitude help track hurricanes
it tracks hurricanes by pinpointing its location and by two pinpoints of it location they can find which direction its going
what is formal region
areas where a certain characteristics are found thrpugh out the area.
ex cornbelt usa cinatown san frinsisco
what is functoinal region
on central place and the areas around it are affected
how are the five themes of geography related
it is related by that they are all themes and they are all the study of geography (what geographers usually look for when they are researching a place)
what makes the eaths core
it is made of very hot rock or liquid or magma
why do the plates of the earth move
it moves because the atlantic ocean is getting bigger and the pacific ocean is becoming smaller
what does the plate tectonic theory try to explain
it trys to explain movement of the eaths crust and that the contintents aren't attached to the crust
what is the super continet called that existed 200 million years ago
what created the hymalayas
the movement of the tectonic plates
what does the lithosphere float on
they float on the abthenosphere
what does lithosphere mean
the crust and upper mantle
what are the major forms of plate tectonic plates of margin behavior
subduction translation and spreding
what is occuring along the san andreas fault and what is the result
faulting it made the earth quakes and devided the earth to south america
what does the appearence of lava flows on the ocean floor
it looks like pillows and its made of rock
what are the layers of the earth
core oter core mantle crust
how do geographers describe a place
by human and physical characteristics
what is another way to say latitude is
why do geographers analyze info
because there looking for patterns causes or consequenses
how do geographers show there info
they show it on maps graphs diagrams ect.
how do geographers collect there information
remote sensing images
what are remote sensing images
hey are computer generated satellites
what are folds
when rock layers bend and buckle
what is relief
the difference in elavation between the highest and lowest points
what is the ring of fire
it is a circle ofvolcanoes surrounding the pacififc ocean
geographers discuss the movement of
goods people and ideas
what is an examle of physical characteristics
grand canyon
what is an example of human characteristics
what is lava
very hot rock that is liquid
what are two internal processes that create land forms
volcanoism and changes in the earths crust
what is archipeligo
a group of islands very close to each other
what is cape
a peice of land projecting into a body of water
what is channel
a small body of water leading from the ocean to a river
what is delta
its a deposit of sand and soil and its shaped in the form of a triangle
what is a desert
a desert is a very sandy and hot area that doesnt rain often
what is a glacier
a ver big pile of ice
what is harbor
a harbor is an area where you usually park a boat
what is an island
a small group of land surrounded by water
what is a mountain
a pile of rock that is connected to the earths surface
what is an oasis
a desert area taht has water and plant growth

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