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WSET Intermediate 2


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Which continent produces most of the world's wine?
What is a light wine?
The simplest type of wine. The sugar in the grape is converted to alcohol with a strength between 8% and 15% abv.
Wines are divided into four types. Of which types are Port and Sherry examples?
Liquor or fortified wines
Do all wines improve as they get older?
No. Some wines are mature when they are young and do not improve with age.
Why should wine be stored correctly?
Because incorrect storage will cause a wine to deteriorate and become undrinkable early in its life.
Why should bottles containing wine be stored on their sides?
Because storage in this position will keep the cork moist by contact with the wine. If the bottle is stored upright, the cork will dry out and shrink. This lets air and bacteria into the wine shich will spoil the wine.
In a restaurant, why should the host be shown the unopened bottle for approval?
To make sure the wine is the same as what was ordered.
When a solid forms in red wine as it ages, is this a sign that the wine is faulty?
No though it is unsightly and should be removed during the decanting of the wine.
Why should care be taken when opening a bottle of sparkling wine?
Because it is possible for the cork to spring violently from the bottle.
What senses are involved in tasting wine and in what order are they used?
Sight, smell, taste and touch.
List the four perfect conditions under which professional tasting should be conducted.
a) Good daylight
b) North facing windows
c) Clean white surfaces
d) No distracting odors
What characteristics to all wines have in common that are assessed when tasting?
Weight or body
How does the color of red wine change with age?
Young red wines are purple in color. As the wine ages this color changes to red and then to mahogany and eventually to brown.
What are the six factors that affect the final taste and style of any wine?
Grape variety
Annual weather conditions
Within what bands of latitude do the majority of European vinyards lie?
30 to 50 degrees north of the equator.
Generally speaking, what sort of soil produces fine wines?
Poor soil gives low yields of fine quality wine.
What is the main difference between the guyot and the gobelet methods of training vines?
Guyout trained vines are attached to wires; gobelet trained vines are free standing.
What natural occurrence enables sweet wines such as Sauternes and Trockenbeerenauslese to be made?
The development of noble rot in the vineyard.
What happens during fermentation?
Yeast feed on sugars converting them to alcohol and carbon dioxide gas.
Which part of the grape gives color to red and rose wines?
The grape skin gives the color to red or rose wines.
How are medium or sweet wines made?
Three methods may be used:
a) Adding unfermented grape juice to a dry wine
b) Deliberately stopping the fermentation before all the sugar in the must is turned to alcohol
c) Making the wine from grapes so rich in sugar that the fermentation stops naturally before fermentation is finished.
What is the minimum age at which someone in the UK can buy an alcoholic drink?
How many standard units of alcohol are contained in two pints of ordinary beer?
Four. Each half pint contains one unit.

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