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Sommelier Certification - New World


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State the major wine regions of California.
North Coast
Central Coast
South Coast
Central Valley
Sierra Foothills.
Define AVA.
American Viticultural Area
State what agency regulates the US wine industry.
Department of Treasury
Specifically the Tax and Trade Bureau or TTB.

Prior to 2002 though it was under the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms)
State the USA required percentage for varietal and AVA labeling.
Varietal = 75%
AVA = 85%
Name 3 AVAs in Napa County.
Calistoga (pending)
Diamond Mountain
Howell Mountain
Spring Mountain
Chiles Valley
St. Helena
Atlas Peak
Stag’s Leap
Mount Veeder
Oak Knoll
Los Carneros
Napa Valley
Wild Horse Valley
Name 3 AVAs in Sonoma County.
Northern Sonoma
Alexander Valley
Dry Creek Valley
Knights Valley
Russian River Valley
Chalk Hill
County Green Valley
Sonoma Coast
Sonoma Valley
Sonoma Mountain
Los Carneros
Bennett Valley
Define Meritage. (Pronounced like Heritage with an M)
A California Bordeaux blend. Though many that qualify don't use the term because they don't pay the fees required. (e.g. Opus One is called simply red wine)
State a synonym for Fume Blanc.
Sauvignon Blanc
State the origin of Zinfandel.
Most likely Croatia. It is known as the following:

Pimitivo in Italy
Crljenak Kastelanski in Croatia
Name the top 4 wine producing states in the USA.
1. California
2. Washington
3. New York
4. Oregon
Name the 1st AVA.
Augusta, Missouri
Name 3 AVAs of Washington.
Columbia Valley*
Columbia Gorge*
Horse Heaven Hills
Red Mountain
Walla Walla Valley*
Yakima Valley
Puget Sound

* = Area that crosses into Oregon as well
Name 3 AVAs of Oregon.
Columbia Valley
Columbia Gorge
Walla Walla Valley
Willamette Valley
Dundee Hills
Ribbon Ridge
Yamhill-Carlton District
Southern Oregon
Umpqua Valley
Red Hill Douglas County
Rogue Valley
Applegate Valley
State the % requirement for Varietal and AVA in Oregon.
Varietal - 90%
AVA - 100%

One Exception is Cabernet Sauvignon - 75%
Name 1 AVA of New York.
Finger Lakes
Cayuga Lake
Seneca Lake
Niagara Escarpment
Lake Erie
Hudson River Region
North Fork of Long Island
The Hamptons, Long Island
Long Island
Name the state where winemaking started in the USA.
New York State.
Name 2 important wine regions of Canada.
Niagara Peninsula
Okanagan Valley
Name the country where winemaking began on the American Continent.
Name the region Casablanca is within and what wines the area is known for.
Country: Chile
Region: Aconcagua
Grapes: It is known for whites from Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay
Name the region Maipo is within and what wines the area is known for.
Country: Chile
Region: Valle Central
Grapes: Mainly known for Cabernet Sauvignon
State what is unique about the vines from Chile.
Chile has never had phylloxera and as a result has ungrafted 100% vitis vinifera vines.
Name the obscure Bordeaux varietal that is important in Chile.
State the minimum labeling % for Varietal in Chile.
Same goes for Region Name and Vintage.
Name the most important region of Argentina.
Name the most important grape of Argentina.
Name the most important grape of Uruguay.
Name 2 wine regions on New Zealand's North Island.
Hawkes Bay
Name 2 wine regions on New Zealand's South Island.
Name the most famous region for Sauvignon Blanc. (New Zealand)
Name the up and coming region for Pinot Noir in New Zealand.
State which island Hawkes Bay is on and what grapes it is known for.
North Island (New Zealand)
Cabernet Sauvignon
Cab Blends
State why red wine grapes do well in some of the areas traditionally thought to be too cool for reds(New Zealand Specifically)
Many because of micro climates, although rain shadow and a lot of sunlight both add to the ability to grow red grapes.
State what two grapes were crossed to create Pinotage.
Pinot Noir X Cinsault
State the minimum % for Appelation labeling in South Africa.
State the meaning of Cultivar.
Describe Vin de Constance.
A sweet wine made from Muscat de Alexandria and Muscat de Frontignan

It comes from Constantia from some of the oldest vineyards in South Africa.
Expalin how KWV impacted South African wine quality.
The KWV mandated prices and negatively affected the quality of the wines.
State what event led to a boom for South African wines in the 1990s.
The end of Apartheid.
State what "WO" is an abbreviation for.
Wine of Origin
Name two WOs of the coastal region.

And the Wards:
Where is Walker Bay and what grapes is it known for?
South Africa
It is known for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.
State the minimum percent for varietal labeling in Australia.
State the signifigance of the grape order listed on Australian bottles.
They are listed from highest percent to lowest by law.
State the grape of Penfolds Grange.
Name 3 Australian States.
New South Whales
South Australia
Western Australia
Name the Australian Super-Zone.
South-Eastern Australia
Which includes:
New South Whales
Part of Queensland
South Australia
Name Austalia's legal term for a wine region.
Geographical Indication
State the local name for the soil of Coonawarra.
Terra Rossa Soil
"Red Earth"

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